Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Coliseum Guide [KHUX]

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Coliseum Guide [KHUX]
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Prepare for battle! It’s time for you to enter the Kingdom Hearts Unchained X’s Coliseum! Polish your Medals and get ready to fight your way to the top of the leader board for honor and rewards. We’ll take you over the general need to knows to start your progress up the ladder.

KH col

The Basic rules of Kingdom Hearts Unchained X’s Coliseum.

First rule about the Coliseum is we don’t talk about the Coliseum! But in all seriousness you have to complete the story mode quest #130 before you can gain entrance to the Coliseum but if you haven’t done that, no worries, keep reading to prepare yourself for the trials ahead.

The Coliseum is a monthly quest based contest that features not only rewards for completing each stage and round of the Coliseum but by climbing the Leader board VS other players you have a chance to compete for even better rewards. The rewards aren’t paid out until the end of the month. So that gives you plenty of time to climb as far as you can before it resets.

The stages in the Coliseum cost AP and are 3 battles long. This starts off at 3 Ap and steadily climbs as you increase further into the stages. You can’t repeat stages. If you beat a stage, you can only complete the stages that come after it. You can however fail stages, and repeat them.

When you complete a stage in the Coliseum in one turn (Killing each group of enemies before they get a turn) , the Coliseum will skip you up to 18 stages from your current stage.  When you complete stage, you receive the rewards for all of the previous skipped stages. You have to do the last stage of each round however, you can’t skip these typically.

khux stage skip

There is no “Friend” medals available in the Coliseum so you will want to have a fully 5 slotted Keyblade when you start going through it. It’s not a requirement but it makes it easier if you’re trying to one shot the stage.

Coliseum Rewards

There are a few benefits for competing in the Coliseum. As you progress through the stages you will earn Coliseum Coins, which is a currency used in the Coliseum Board. The Coliseum board is very much identical to the Avatar Board, you will find unlock-able outfits here, and unlockable medals. Moogles, Cids, skill boost and the likes can be found throughout the cost trees in the Coliseum board.

KHUX board

Completing different tiers in the Coliseum ranks you against other players into fairly large brackets for end of the month rewards. The rewards change every monthly reset. But at the time of this posting you will find things like 900 Coliseum Coins, Cid Medals and Moogle medals available throughout the tier reward list.

KHUX rewards2


You can compete for a higher amount of rewards if you go beyond Tier 5, and go into the tier 6 stages. Once you’re at this point, you’re trying to get to as high of a stage as you can to over take others on the leader board.

KHUX rewards

The Stages

Much like the Story line mode, there is a pattern to the Coliseum stages. You should easily see it changing between each of the types, with an occasional round of a mixed type of enemies. Currently it’s switching from Magic to Speed to Power before it throws in a mixed bag of different  types. This order may change next month but it will always follow a pattern of one color after another. But this is information you can use to your advantage. For an example the pattern could be; stage 1 – Magic, stage 4- Magic, stage 8-Magic etcand for each tier you know to switch to speed keyblade.

KHUX stages

You will want to switch between your Keyblades so you’re using the correct color for each stage type OR if you’re trying to skip stages, clear stages until you get to one on your strongest Keyblades and can one shot and clear it, and repeat this to climb as high as you can.

Tips on setting up your equipment

You can push through the first 2 to 3 tiers if you have strong enough medals but towards the 4th and 5th tier it starts to become harder to one shot stages but overall you want AOE Medals to help tremendously when doing the Coliseum.

If you’re hoping  to skip stages by one shotting stages, you will need to invest in getting your Medals up to 6 stars, and guilted if possible.

You’re looking to make your blades around low AP, high damage, and AOE based medals. With a maximum of 1 single target. In harder stages you may need to bring a healer Medal like Minnie with you but this will give you a good idea of a potential line up.

Here is two examples of  mono-color builds. 

Treasure Trove +20 – KH Rikku, DiZ, Wakka, Young Hercules, Cloud

Three Wishes +20 – Vivi, Sora Wisdom, KH II Mickey, Donald

Don’t worry if you don’t have a setup like this, you can still clear stages in the Coliseum even using a balanced keyblade like Starlight.

If you need to learn more about the medal’s go check out our Medal’s stat list.

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