Top 10 Best Natural 4 Star Supports in Summoners War

Top 10 Best Natural 4 Star Supports in Summoners War

Hello summoners! Today I will be presenting you my favorite natural 4 star supports(excluding light and dark monsters)! They are the key to beating a lot of the content in the game, so you will need at least a few of them to make your life easier. They are also less talked about compared to big damage dealers like Lushen, Zaiross etc. Keep in mind the list is in no particular order, since they all play a huge role in various aspects of the game.

LevelingSpending CrystalsWho to 5/6 Star
Top 10 Nat 4 AttackersTop 10 Nat 2/3 HealersNat 4 Supports
Nat 4 Crowd ControlRevivers

Briand(Wind Death Knight)


Briand’s revive is a god send for many players looking for a good reviver. The best reviver in the game is no doubt Iona(Light Epikion Priest). Briand comes in a close second or third behind the Wind Archangel. Since the latter two are hard to obtain, Briand is your best bet. His revive equalizes everyone’s health. That means you can bring tanky monsters and a damage dealer and not have to worry about your damage dealer dying. If you want to climb high in ToA and Hall of Heroes, he is absolutely needed if you lack a reviver.

I suggest you rune him either Despair/Energy(Spd/Hp%/Hp%) for ToA or Violent/Energy(Spd/Hp%/Hp%) if you like more attack debuffs.

Chloe(Fire Epikion Priest)


Now Chloe has always been the prize for many players. She is so versatile. She is valuable in both the arena and guild wars. She provides the all important immunity and invincibility that protects the damage dealers from dying so they can deal damage. She can be used in ToA on hard floors where debuffs destroy your entire team. Her AI isn’t all that bad and you see plenty of people using her in arena defense. Her second skill is a percentage heal that heals 2 allies on a 3 turn cooldown when maxed.

Most will rune her Swift/Energy(Spd/Hp%/Hp%), so that means she will heal very often. Violent is also a viable choice if you like extra turns.

Galleon(Water Pirate Captain)


Ahoy Mate! Galleon is one of the newer additions to the game during the pirate update. I think he has one of the best buffs for offensive teams. His third skill provides 2 turn attack buff to your entire team plus debuffing the entire enemy team. That means you don’t need to always bring Belladeon for defense debuff. This opens up for you to use 2 damage damage dealers + Chloe in the arena. You do need to rune him faster than the rest of your damage dealers but slower than chloe.

In Guild Wars, he provides the speed buff, giving your team the advantage in going first. Galleon isn’t bad in the damage department either if you give him some attack% runes. I suggest going Swift/Blade(Spd/Atk%/Atk%) for added fire power to your offensive squad. Make sure to get accuracy sub stats.

Delphoi(Wind Undine)


Delphoi is actually quite underrated. She provides the all important 30% leader defense for wind allies. This means she can be used in a Giants B10 all wind team. She gives AoE heal + immunity for 2 turns, which is useful against the defense debuff on the Giant. If you don’t have a cooldown reset monster, she can do the job well.

She is also very valuable in ToA, especially if you don’t have any immunity monsters. They are few and rare. So, if you got Delphoi, please keep her and rune her well. I suggest Violent/Energy(Spd/Hp%/Hp%) for more immunity up time and heals.

Emma(Water Neostone Agent)


Emma is one of the newer additions and is quite a popular choice. She offers 3 things:

  • Single target beneficial effect removal
  • Glancing hits
  • AoE percentage heals with defense buff + excessive shield

These 3 are great support skills. She can remove dangerous enemy buffs and protect your own allies from damage. I think she is a mix of Acasis and Delphoi. She can be a great member in Giants and Dragons B10.

In ToA, she can protect your squishy teammates from dying. Stack a lot of health on her. Go Violent/Energy(Hp%/Hp%/Hp%) for some good heals and shields for your damage dealers. Look for speed and hp% substats if you can.

Chasun(Wind Sky Dancer)


Ah, the most annoying or loving monster you can ever face or have in the game. She is very strong. Her third skill is just too good, especially in ToA. Since your squishy damage dealers usually get chunked out, her fallen blossoms just gets them to full health again. It is even better if you run a tanky team. Any tank gets walloped to low health and they are back to full health again. Her second skill heals for anywhere from 6k-10k hp if you get her to about 30-40k health plus it also gives you the attack buff for 2 turns!

She can be very annoying in the arena, but there are many ways around it. Bringing a very strong burst team with protection will usually do the job. It is usually a violent proc or 2 that will screw you over. Violent/Energy(Spd/Hp%/Hp%) is the best set for her. Use it and you won’t regret it.

Verdehile(Fire Vampire)


This vampire is so broken in the game, especially against dungeons. Since his normal attacks(twice) will give you an attack bar boost every time he critically hits, that means your team will be getting to go first or even twice before an enemy can move.

In the arena, a well runed violent Verdehile will ruin your day if he goes first. The only thing about him is that you will need very good runes in order for him to shine. He needs critical rate, speed, attack and some health. Violent/Revenge(Spd/Crit R%/Atk%) is the glass cannon build but it will surprise many players with his damage potential. You can substitute critical rate for critical damage if you get enough from substats.

Acasis(Wind Sylphid)


Acasis was given to many players via HoH last year in August 2015 I believe. She provides continuous damage, shield and heals. With this combo, she is the perfect fit for Giants B10 and also ToA if you need extra protection. Since her team heal also attacks enemies, you can use Despair/Energy(Spd/Hp% or Atk%/Hp%) for stuns. If you want longer shield uptime and consistent heal, violent set would be a good choice here.

Mikene(Water Undine)


Mikene is the only farmable reviver you can get from the fusion hexagram. With the recent buffs, she gets even better. She now provides the following:

  • Chance to freeze(100% odds minus resistance if you have 100% crit every turn)
  • Glancing hits + heal
  • Reviver at 60%

If you don’t have Briand, Mikene would be the obvious choice here. She is squishy though, so you might have to sacrifice 100% crit rate for some health. I recommend Violent/Revenge(Hp%/Crit R%/Hp%). Look for speed, accuracy and hp% sub stats.

Atenai(Fire Undine)


It seems like I am very biased by including all the Undines on the list, but they are all good. They help you progress in various stages of the game. The recent buff gave the fire undine the unrecoverable debuff chance on her second skill. That means she provides continuous damage, equalization heal and single target heal. With a violent set, she will be one of the better healers and just below Chasun.

However, since she has continuous damage, she will be a good monster to bring for Dragons B10 and higher ToA floors. I suggest Violent/Revenge(Hp%/Crit R%/Hp%). Try and get speed and accuracy substats. She is a valuable member. Use her well!

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