Mobius Final Fantasy Card Augment Guide [Things You Should Know]

Mobius Final Fantasy Card Augment Guide [Things You Should Know]

Welcome to the Mobius FF card augmenting guide. We will give you a quick run down on how to power up your cards and make them better! Augmenting cards give you 2 vital benefits – better skills and fusion odds!

GuideJob ListJob TierTips
SkillseedsCard AugmentMobile Friendly Fan SiteAll Ability Cards
1★ Cards2★ Cards3★ Cards4★ Cards

Augmenting cards are important because the benefits of augmenting low level 1 and 2★ cards will benefit your high level 3-4★ cards. For example, if you augment a Treant from 2★ to its 3★ version, then any time you get a Treant again, it will be at 3★ instead of 2.

Even if you sell all of the 3★ Treant cards in your deck, you will always get your Treant cards at 3★. So you do not have to worry about wasting your time augmenting the same card again.

When it comes to augmenting the cards, you need various materials. Below is a chart that shows you what is needed. SS is short for skillseeds.

Card Rarity Gil Materials Needed Base SS Max SS Max Ability Lvl Attack Orb Cos Support Orb Cost
1★ 3,000 Gil Two 2★ 4 8 2 Normal + 1 3
2★ 9,000 Gil Five 2★/3★ 5 10 4 Normal 3
3★ 200,000 Gil Two Growstars(4★) 6 18 6 Normal 2
4★ N/A N/A 7 21 8 Normal – 1 2

Dust Ripper Wind 1 Star

Also keep in mind that 1 and 2★ cards will have lesser version skills compared to 3★ and higher cards. For example, Dust Ripper 1★ and 2★ has “lesser windfang” as their skill. Once you augment it to 3★, its skill will turn into Windfang, which you can use it to upgrade 3★ Griffin card with the ability Windfang (Ranger Skill) to higher levels. In turn, you will do more damage and unlock new special abilities!

Below are the places you can find where you can farm these materials required for each element.

Farming for Materials

Most materials can be gotten via traveling bosses from chapter 1 and 2. Molten Core is currently unavailable to farm for now but you can buy them at the magicite shop. The drop rates for 2★ and 3★ materials are about 1 every 4-5 battles or so against traveling bosses.

NameElementRarityMonster NameMonster Location
Fiery GemFire2★Red DragonChapter 1 - Traveling Boss
Chapter 2 Epilogue - Adept Arena
Molten CoreFire3★Iron HeadN/A
Adaman ShellWater2★AdamantoiseChapter 1 - Traveling Boss
Chapter 2 Epilogue - Adept Arena
Serrated ScytheWater2★Killer MantisChapter 2 - Traveling Boss
Chapter 2 Epilogue - Master Arena
Verdant ClawWind2★TreantChapter 1 - Traveling Boss
Chapter 2 Epilogue - Adept Arena
Cursed FeatherWind3★CockatriceChapter 1 - Traveling Boss
Chapter 2 Epilogue - Master Arena
Blighted FeelersWind2★MindflayerChapter 2 - Traveling Boss
Chapter 2 Epilogue - Master Arena
Emet StoneEarth2★Mighty GolemChapter 2 Epilogue - Adept Arena
Burning StingerEarth2★DiremiteChapter 2 - Traveling Boss
Chapter 2 Epilogue - Master Arena
Unliving SoulEarth3★Imperial LichMiasmatic Lich
Dyadic Lich
Chapter 2 Storyline - Runic 2Lv, Runic 4Lv, Intercrystal
Chapter 2 Epilogue - Master Arena
GrowstarNone4★Item Shop Limited Time EventsPurchase Only
Obtain for a Limited Time

Material Shop

And of course, if you got a fat wallet, you can buy all the items with magicite.

  • 2★ materials – 150 Magicite
  • 3★ materials – 500 Magicite
  • One 4★ Growstar – 1500 Magicite
  • Four 4★ Growstar – 4000 Magicite

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