Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Dwarves’ Forge Exploration [Item Locations]

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Dwarves’ Forge Exploration [Item Locations]


Dwarves’ Forge was the last zone of Dirnado until the release of Dirnado – Part 2. Dwarves’ Forge looks like it could fit in a Tolkien Novel with its spires, pools of fire, rail way system, dark hallways, and of course Dwarves. This is where the parts to make the air ships are made, but sometimes they make more practical items like great gear! Check out the guide to make sure you got all of them and included in the new quest chain that was just released which has an awesome reward.

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Exploration Stats:

Energy Battles Gil Unit Exp Rank Exp
13 28 8152 63959 439


How to maximize experience points


Dwarves’ Forge is a two zone exploration, meaning that you have to do all the battles of Zone 1 & Zone 2 to maximize your EXP. To do this first stay in ZONE 1 until you have 3204 Gil then proceed to and stay in ZONE 2 until you have 7888 Gil and then defeat the boss.

Drops – Abominable Wing, Allure Powder, Aqua Pearl, Beast Meat, Book of Ruin, Broken Blade, Chromatic Ooze, Corpse Fly, Crimson Tear, Cursed Tusk, Deepsea Bloom, Demon Tail, Earth’s Core, Esper Cryst, Esper’s Tear, Farplane Dew, Farplane Soul, Gaia’s Tear, Glowseeds, God’s Reliquary, Golden Egg, Green Fluid, Heaven’s Ash, Life Orb, Litrock, Luminous Horn, Mystic Ore, Pearl of Wisdom, Quality Parts, Rainbow Needle, Raptor Feather, Scripture of Time, Seed of Life, Spiritsand, Talmonite of Life, Tough Scale

Collection Points – Iron Ore, Silver Ore, Mythril Ore, Earth Cryst, Earth Megacryst, Fire Cryst, Fire Megacryst, Lightning Cryst, Lightning Megacryst, Magicite Shard, Magicite, Red Magicite, Red Megacite

Enemies – Barbarus, Bloody Eye, Grenade, Goblin Guard, Mercury Bat, Poplium, Red Elemental, Red Marshmallow

 Boss – Liquid Flame


Boss Attacks – 

  • Alter Form – Used to change form to get other abilities (Used at 50% of HP) and Boosts ATK and MAG. Second form boost his ATK, third form boost his MAG.
  • First form (fiery human) – Charge – Deals physical damage to a unit and Fira – Fire magic damage to all units
  • Second form (fiery hand) – Fingertip – Physical damage (3 hits) for two units and confusion, increases their ATK.
  • Third form (fiery twister) – Swirling Flames – Heals around 2400 HP and Fira – Fire magic damage to all units.

 Other Locations for Liquid Flame

Location Lv HP MP
Dwarves’ Forge 35 73000 180

Liquid Flame is immune to Fire, Aero, Poison, Silence, Confuse, Disease, Petrify and Gravity and is weak to ice.


Item/Treasure Chest Locations


Treasure Chests  
1 Gaia’s Cry
2 Fire Megacryst
3 Blaze Ring
4 Star Quartz
5 Mythril Shield
6 Recipe for Mythril Hammer
7 Fire Rod
1B Recipe for Bravery  (Silver Chest, Needs Magic Key)


Collection Point 1


Gaia’s Cry


Collection Point 2


Fire Megacryst


Blaze Ring


Star Quartz


Collection Point 3


Mythril Shield


Recipe for Mythril Hammer


Collection Point 4


Fire Rod


Recipe for Bravery  (Silver Chest, Needs Magic Key)


Collection Point 5


Quest involving Dwarves’ Forge


  1. Lost in Dedication

Prerequisite: Talk to the man in Town of Kolts weapon shop next to the shopkeeper

Objective: Find the missing peddler here and then defeat the Abyss Worm


Boss: Abyss Worm

Other Locations for Abyss Worm


Location Lv HP MP
Dwarves’ Forge – Quest Only 40 80000 175


Abyss Worm is immune to blind, petrify, stone and gravity and is weak to aero.

Reward: Ice Armor



  • Type: Armor (Heavy Armor)
  • Stats: DEF+45
  • Resistance: Ice (+50%), Fire (-50%)


Quest starting in Dwarves’ Forge

  1. M.I.A.

Prerequisite: Clear Lost in Dedication quest in the Dwarves’ Forge

Objective: Talk to the same person from the previous quest in the Dwarves’ Forge (you must complete the previous quest and then come back to Dwarves’ Forge)


Reward: Recipe for Main Gauche



  • Type: Weapon (Dagger)
  • Stats: ATK+24, DEF+10

Crafting recipe

Materials Gil Time
Rockbeetle Husk (3)
Iron Ore (8)
300 12 hours

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