Ultimate Ninja Blazing Phantom Castle Guide [Naruto Shippuden]



Bring low chakra units to battle. Ideally, you want characters with ninjutsus that only cost 4 chakra. That way, you can use them after 2 turns, which is vital in quickly killing your enemies. Single target or AoE are both fine as long as they cost 4 chakra. Below are some units that are pretty good currently:

Single Target

  • Naruto “No 1 Maverick” [Heart]
  • Sakura “Maiden of Love” [Body]
  • Orochimaru “The Horror Returns” [Skill]
  • Kakashi “The Best Teacher” [Bravery]


  • Sasuke “Lone Survivor” [Skill]
  • Jiraiya “Enter the Sage” [Heart]
  • Haku “The Icy Mask’s Blades” [Heart]
  • Jirobo “Jirobo of the South Gate” [Body]
  • Itachi “A Gold-Hearted Criminal” [Brain]
  • Kiba “Wild Partners” [Bravery]
  • Choji “Glutton” [Body]

You are welcome to use strong units with higher chakra cost ninjutus, but you won’t be able to use them until much later!

Bring mid and long range units if you can. Part of dealing more damage requires a lot of combo to abuse the extra damage you get from your partners. With strong AoE damage, you are more likely to kill your opponents before they kill you.



With a total of 100 floors, you have 100 rewards you can get. Sometimes, you can get multiple rewards since you need to hit certain point requirements to receive your reward. Rewards include:

  • Ninja Pearls, Ramen Cups(All Elements), Health Boosts, Attack Boosts, Ryo, Friend Points

There is also ranking rewards. An exclusive unit is earned if you are in the top 10,000.

  • Rank 1-100 -> Exclusive unit x5, Health Boost x10, Attack Boost x10, Ninja Pearl x30
  • Rank 101-500 -> Exclusive unit x4, Health Boost x10, Attack Boost x10, Ninja Pearl x20
  • Rank 501-500 -> Exclusive unit x3, Health Boost x5, Attack Boost x5, Ninja Pearl x10
  • Rank 1001-5000 -> Exclusive unit x2, Health Boost x3, Attack Boost x3, Ninja Pearl x5
  • Rank 5001-10000 -> Exclusive unit x1, Health Boost x2, Attack Boost x2, Ninja Pearl x1
  • Rank 10001+ -> Skill x1, Skill x5, Health Boost x1, Attack Boost x1