Golem – Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius [Esper]

Golem – Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius [Esper]
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Golem is the 3rd esper you can get after defeating him in Zadehl Southersands. The dungeon can be unlocked from a mini quest in Zadehl Westersand Exploration. Upon leveling him to 1★ max level(30), you can fight him again in Zadehl Southersands to evolve him to 2 stars. You will keep all stats and skills + get access to new skills. If you want to know how to get him, scroll down below to find out.

Element Summon Magic Effects
Stone Earthen Wall Decrease physical damage taken for all allies

Bonus Magicites(1.5x Exp): Orange

Rarity Lv/Pattern % Stats Sum Skill Sp Gain
1★ 30 1 AoE 50% Phys Dmg Reduction for one turn 158
2★ 40 1 AoE 60% Phys Dmg Reduction for one turn 312

Since your characters gain 1% of the esper’s stats, here is what your character will get by looking at the table below.

Grade(Min/Max) HP MP Attack Defense Int Mind
Golem 1★ 2000 / 3500 2700 / 3400 2000 / 2500 2000 / 3000 1100 / 1300 1100 / 1300
Unit 20 / 35 27 / 34 20 / 25 20 / 30 11 / 13 11 / 13
Golem 2★ 4000 / 5500 3600 / 4300 2700 / 3200 3500 / 4500 1400 / 1600 1400 / 1600
Unit 40 / 55 36 / 43 27 / 32 35 / 45 14 / 16 14 / 16

Strength and Weaknesses

Ifrit is neutral to all elements and status effects except for wind and stone.

Element/Status Icon Effect
Wind  Wind Icon – 50% resist
Stone  Stone Icon + 50% resist 

Golem Upgrades


Golem 1 Star

Icon Name Effect MP
Protect Brace Increase DEF (20%) for 3 turns to caster 3
Stone Stone Earth magic damage (1.2x) to one enemy 3
Protect Protect Increase DEF (20%) for 3 turns to one ally 4


Golem 2 Star

Icon Name Effect MP
Provoke Provoke Increase likeliness of being targeted (70%) to caster 8
Poisona Poisona Cure poison to one ally 3
Cleanse Cleanse Cure disease to one ally 5
Barstone Barstone Increase earth resistance (30%) for 3 turns to one ally 6
Stonra Stonra Earth magic damage (1.4x) to all enemies 9
Cover Cover Chance to take physical damage for ally (5%)
Stone Killer Bug Killer Increase damage against bug monsters (50%)
Stone Killer Stone Killer Increase damage against stone monsters (50%)
Protect Last Stand Increase DEF/SPR (30%) when HP drops below 20%


An esper of earth that was sealed away in the Zadehl Desert. In the past, tribes native to the region worshipped it as a guardian of the desert. And yet, for some reason, this mystical creature was sealed deep in the sands it once protected. Perhaps those who prove worthy can unearth the secrets buried in history…

Battle Animations

Here are their battle animations for 1 star and 2 star if you want to see it.

How to get Golem (Esper)

First, go to the Desert Exploration Map and talk to the NPC who is lying on the ground.

Get Golem 1

Then, go to the Oasis in the middle of the map and get some Water for the NPC.

Get Golem 2

Go back to the NPC, pass him the water, and the map will unlock!

FFBE Fight Golem

Stage Energy No. of Battles Gil Unit Exp Rank Exp
Zadehl Southersands – Entrance 7 4 331 2827 170
Zadehl Southersands – Sandy Knoll 7 4 328 2825 174
Zadehl Southersands – Lost City 7 4 241 2979 178
Zadehl Southersands – Ruins 7 4 194 1429 182
Zadehl Southersands – Sealed Zone 9 1 86 1000 186

He is the in the final stage – Zadehl Southersands – Sealed Zone.

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