Mobile Strike Gold Farming Guide

Mobile Strike Gold Farming Guide

With Gold being the main currency for you to advance quickly in the game, it is highly recommended that you complete the following tasks to earn free gold if you don’t want to spend real money on the game.

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Building a Gold Mine

Mobile Strike Gold Mine

You can build the resource building called Gold Mine. This is the easiest way to generate gold consistently. It takes one resource plot but I believe it will be well worth it, especially if you know you will be playing this game for quite a while. You will need to link to your Facebook account in order for this to work. You can then gift gold to your Mobile Strike friends daily to get free gold. You can only gift one another every 24 hours. If you don’t want to use your main Facebook account, consider making a gaming Facebook account for strictly casual mobile games.

The level 1 Gold Mine gives a max of 10 gold per day. I suggest you stick with just level 1. You need 1000 gold to get it to level 2 and it will take roughly 100 days(about 3.1 months) to recoup that amount. That is if you played daily and you are active. So if you can’t afford to play daily, then you should stick with just level 1.

Completing Challenges

This is the most consistent way to gain gold. Most challenges require that you complete a building, train troops or do research. The game will always guide you to upgrade whenever you have nothing going on, so you will naturally gain gold.

Also, you can sometimes use speed up to get yourself to the higher tier challenge rewards. Use them wisely! Extreme challenges give much better gold and other rewards.

Picking Crates

Every 3 minutes or so, you can pick your blue crate located at the bottom left of the screen. While it won’t give you gold all the time, it will have a chance to get some. So always pick a crate when its ready. You never know when you will get some extra gold!

Gold Fort

Mobile Strike Occupy Resources

Sometimes, you will come across them while trying to gather resources. They will grant you free gold, so mine as much as you can while it is still there. Do keep mind that they are quite rare though. For those that don’t know how collecting resources work, you just have to go to the world map and look around your area. Most of the time you will see resources like farms, oil wells, mines and rarely any gold forts. It will be very heavily contested. You will need to send troops to occupy it, mine the gold in there and then take it back to your base. Traveling to the gold fort and back takes time, so you will have to be patient with this. The further it is from the base, the longer it will take. Keep that in mind.

Alliance Gifts

While rare, your alliance gifts will sometimes give gold. Your chances of obtaining gold will depend on the grade of the box. The higher the grade of the box, the better odds you will have to get gold. Here is a bonus tip – join an alliance where the players have spent gold. Meaning, they spend real money on the game. The gift boxes are mainly based on the amount of real money spent, so keep a lookout for real money spenders. You can make a guess by looking at the high level ranking members with plenty of power. 100,000+ power is a good sign.

Shooting Range

This is the least effective way to get gold. Everyday, you get some free ammo to shoot targets at the shooting range. On rare ocassions, you will get gold, but do not spend gold to try and gamble on this. It is not worth it.

That is it folks. I will add more tips for gold farming for free to play players if there are new ways to get them!

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