Ultimate Mobile Strike Commander Guide

Ultimate Mobile Strike Commander Guide

Commander Captured

Still stuck on how to go about capturing and executing a commander? Is your commander captured and you want to free him? Well, this is you lucky day. This page contains the best Mobile Strike Commander Guide for both newbies and casual players.

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Who is the Commander? How Important is He?

The commander is the heart of your headquarters. He is the hero. Can a car’s parts function well with a faulty or dead engine? This is exactly why you need not only a strong commander but a skilled one too. You need to gear up your hero and max him out with upgrades. In doing so, your economy will improve and the troops’ power will be unstoppable.

General Information

To begin with, the commander gains XP points after completing various missions and tasks in the game. For instance, he will earn EXP when a player carries out research or builds and upgrade. The skill points gained by commanders can be used to increase resource production, improve the economy and upgrade your troops’ combat abilities.

The commander allows you to manufacture or produce weapons/gears from the armory. With the right weapons, your gaming experience such as completing challenges will greatly improve.

It should also be noted that capturing and executing a commander is easier said than done. Here are some facts:

  • Commanders can only be captured when your HQ is at level 10 or higher.
  • Enemies can kill your commander when your HQ is at least level 15.
  • You can only execute another player’s commander if your HQ is level 15 or more via Death Row Built.
  • You can capture a commander if your HQ is at level 10 and contains a prison.

Until your HQ attains level 10, you don’t have to worry about getting your hero captured. Also, your commander will not gain any EXP when captured.

Commander’s Boosts and Activation

There are different types of commander’s boosts which can be activated at different points in the game. Therefore, you should know what each boost does and when to activate it.

Commander’s Timer Boosts

As the hero, he/she comes with gear boosts and skills which reduce the timer for construction, research and troop training. Keep in mind, the faster you complete your tasks, the better the rewards.

However, these boosts are only essential during these tasks. This means that you should only activate them when starting a time consuming task and deactivate them when you are in combat mode.

Commander’s Troop Power Boosts

These boosts will improve the defense, attack and health of your elite troops. They are only applicable if the commander is present with the troops. For instance, if he/she is marching, the power boost will have an effect on only that march.

You should also know that during War and Rally, the commander of the Rally’s starter is the only one which will count towards the boost. You cannot put your hero in Rally.

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