Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Grandshelt Catacombs Exploration [Item Locations]

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Grandshelt Catacombs Exploration [Item Locations]

Grandshelt Catacombs

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The Grandshelt Catacobms Exploration is the 4th map you can wander around for goodies. It is a much larger map than your previous ones.

Energy Gil Battles Unit Exp Rank Exp
5 152 23 4532 101

Drops – Chromatic Ooze, Beast Meat, Crimson Tear, Life Orb, Gaia’s Tear, Book of Ruin, Luminous Horn, Esper Shard, Quality Parts, Esper Cryst, Seed of Life, Green Fluid

Collection Points – Lumber, Copper Ore, Fire Cryst, Lightning Cryst, Wind Cryst, Dark Cryst, Magicite Shard, Black Magicite

Enemies – Wild Rat, Yellow Jelly, Green Soul, Zombie

Boss – Architeuth, Tentacles x 3

Item/Treasure Chest Locations

FFBE Grandshelt Catacombs Exploration Map

Location Treasure Chest
1  Leather Whip
2  Bronze Mace
3  Iron Gloves
4 Star Quartz
5  Battle Axe
6  Phoenix
7  Recipe for Bronze Helm
8 Recipe for Javelin

Silver Chest [1] – Recipe for Barwater

Silver Chest [2] – Recipe for Barthunder

FFBE T1 Grandshelt Catacombs Exploration

Location 1 – Go left all the way to get your first easy chest that contains a Leather Whip, which gives ATK+17 and a 5% chance to paralyze.

FFBE T2 Grandshelt Catacombs Exploration

Location 2 – From location 1, head down the stairs and turn left to find a Bronze Mace, which gives ATK+14.

FFBE Q1 Grandshelt Catacombs Exploration

Hunt for Model Airship Quest– Speak to the NPC for this quest that you get from Royal Capital Grandshelt.

FFBE S1 Grandshelt Catacombs Exploration

Silver Chest [1] – It is easy to miss since its blocked by a pipe! You do need a magic key for this though. It contains a recipe for Barwater.

FFBE C1 Grandshelt Catacombs Exploration

Collection Point 1 – This is just south of the silver chest location. You can’t miss it!

FFBE T3 Grandshelt Catacombs Exploration FFBE T3- Grandshelt Catacombs Exploration

Location 3 – Check the red arrow to get access to the secret path that leads to a pair of Iron Gloves, an accessory that gives DEF+5.

FFBE T4 Grandshelt Catacombs Exploration

Location 4 – Head to the left side of the map. Go down and take a right on the first path you meed. Then check the path on the right to enter a secret room for a Star Quartz.

FFBE C2 Grandshelt Catacombs Exploration

Collection Point 2 – Head to the left and go north from location 4 to find your second collection point.

FFBE T5 Grandshelt Catacombs Exploration

Location 5 – Head south and then make a right to find a sneaky chest blocked by a pipe. Check the chest for a Battle Axe that gives ATK+28.

FFBE T6 Grandshelt Catacombs Exploration

Location 6 – Head east of location 5 and go up to get a Phoenix Down.

FFBE T7 Grandshelt Catacombs Exploration

Location 7 – Backtrack to location 4 and go south and take a left to get a recipe for Bronze Helm.

FFBE T8 Grandshelt Catacombs Exploration

Location 8 – Go west of location 7 and move south to find a recipe for Javelin.

FFBE S2 Grandshelt Catacombs Exploration FFBE S2- Grandshelt Catacombs Exploration

Silver Chest [2] – From location 8, go to the left to check a secret path that leads to a room that contains the silver chest. You will have to move left and up to get access to the secret room. This contains a recipe for Barthunder.

FFBE C3- Grandshelt Catacombs Exploration

Collection Point 3 – The last collection point is to the left of the secret room.

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