Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Darth Maul Review

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Darth Maul Review

SWGOH Darth Maul Review S

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Darth Maul is an anti-Jedi attacker. Let’s look at this brief guide and see what he has to offer to your team.

Type: Sith, Attacker

Side: Dark

Synergy: Anti-Jedi, Advantage, Critical, AoE Damage, Evasion, Offense Up

How to Get[Shards]: Data Cards

Pros Cons
Hits like a truck against Jedis Low health pool
A deadly AoE damage that hurts  Vulnerable to a chain of burst damage
Gains offense up when killing an enemy Not farmable
Goes well with other Sith Allies with the evasion leader skill Very slow
Gets stronger when more enemies are dead Deals only physical damage
Must kill him in the first two rounds or else you must prepare to lube your butt Low resistance


R.I.P Qui-Gon Jinn

Skills and Abilities

Note: All skill descriptions are based at max level. The bracket denotes the level required to upgrade that skill.

Basic Ability: Raging Storm – Deal Physical damage to target enemy, gain 100% Turn Meter and a 50% chance to gain Offense Up for 2 turns on finishing blow. This attack deals double against Jedi.

  • LvL 2: +5% Damage(16)
  • LvL 3: Add 50% chance to gain Offense Up for 2 turns on a finishing blow(26)
  • LvL 4: +5% Damage(36)
  • LvL 5: +15% Damage(46)
  • LvL 6: +5% Damage(56)
  • LvL 7: +5% Damage(66)
  • LvL 8: +50% Bonus Effect Chance(76)

Special Ability: Whirling Blades – Deal Physical damage to all enemies. This attack deals double against Jedi. (4 Turn CD)

  • LvL 2: +5% Damage(18)
  • LvL 3: +5% Damage(28)
  • LvL 4: +15% Damage(38)
  • LvL 5: +5% Damage(48)
  • LvL 6: Cooldown -1(58)
  • LvL 7: +5% Damage(68)
  • LvL 8: +15% Damage(78)

Unique Ability: Power of Hatred – Whenever an enemy is defeated, Darth Maul gains bonuses for the rest of the encounter. First Enemy grants 20% Critical Chance, second 20% Evasion, and third 20% Health Recover on hit.

  • LvL 2: +5% Critical Chance(20)
  • LvL 3: +5% Evasion(30)
  • LvL 4: Third enemy: 15% Max Health recovery on hitting with an attack(40)
  • LvL 5: +5% Critical Chance(50)
  • LvL 6: +5% Evasion(60)
  • LvL 7: +5% Heal(70)
  • LvL 8: +5% Critical Chance, Evasion and Heal(80)

Leader Skill: Dancing Shadows – All Sith allies gain 20% Evasion and add +15% Turn Meter on Evade.

  • LvL 2: +2.5% Evasion(22)
  • LvL 3: Add +10% Turn Meter on Evade(32)
  • LvL 4: +2.5% Evasion(42)
  • LvL 5: +2.5% Evasion(52)
  • LvL 6: +5% Bonus Effect Power(62)
  • LvL 7: +2.5% Evasion(72)
  • LvL 8: +5% Bonus Effect Power(82)

Stat Growth/Increase Per Level Table

Star Grade 1★ 2★ 3★ 4★ 5★ 6★ 7★
Strength N/A N/A 2.7 3.4 4.1 4.8 5.5
Agility N/A N/A 4.1 5.2 6.2 7.2  8.3
Intelligence N/A N/A 2.3 2.8 3.4 4 4.6

Base and Max Stats

Stat Base Max
STR 18  471
AGI 23  779
INT 15  398
Health 481  8903
Speed 80  94
Physical Damage 56  1821
Physical Critical 10  737
Armor 4 151
Armor Penetration 0 15
Dodge 0 0
Special Damage 40  955
Special Critical Rate 0  0
Resist 1  45
Resist Penetration 0  0
Deflect Rating 0 0
Critical Damage 150% 150%
Potency 0 0%
Tenacity 15% 20%
Hp Steal 0 20%


Darth Maul is your definition of a glass cannon. He hits freaking hard, especially against Jedis. But he is slow and can be easily defeated by burst damage team compositions.

However, he works wonders in a team that can speed him up. Poggle the Lesser and Qui-Gon Jinn are great characters to pair with Darth Maul so he can move ahead of the Droid squad and other strong damage dealers. He is also a good character to kill that pesky Jedi Consular in the arena.

If you have a hard time dealing with strong Jedis in campaign maps, he will do the job for you. Double damage against Jedis is nothing to scoff at.

He is very slow though and he is not farmable, so only use him if you have the right team composition for him. As good as he is, as long as there isn’t a reliable way to get shards for him, he will remain at a lower rating.


[usrlist “Campaign Map:3.5” “Arena: 4” “Galactic War:3.5”]

Verdict: Gear him well for hard maps/arena with Jedis.

References: SWGOH

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