Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Shard Farming Guide [Locations]

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Shard Farming Guide [Locations]

SW Galaxy of Heroes Character Shard Farming

Welcome to SW: Galaxy of Heroes shard farming guide! In this tutorial, we will be going over the importance of shard collecting.

GeneralCharacter Guide & StatsShard LocationTeam ComboGalactic WarArenaKeycards
Jedi ConsularTaliaPoe DameronLuke SkywalkerBarriss OffeeDarth SidiousMob Enforcer
Mace WinduJawaCount DookuHk-47Old DakaDarth MaulNightsister Acolyte
IG-86IG-88Luminara UnduliAhsoka TanoEwok ElderDarth VaderLobot
Asajj VentressNightsister InitiateFirst Order TIE PilotSavage OpressPoggle the LesserDathchaRoyal Guard
Qui-Gon JinnPrincess LeiaObi-Wan KenobiStorm Trooper HanChewbaccaGeneral VeersLando Calrissian
Aayla SecuraBoba FettCaptain PhasmaCoruscant Underworld PoliceCT-5555 "Fives"Geonosian SoldierKit Fisto
Kylo RenAdmiral AckbarBiggs DarklighterCad BaneClone Sergeant - Phase 1Eeth KothJedi Knight Guardian
Ewok ScoutFinnFirst Order OfficerFirst Order StormtrooperGrand Moff TarkinGreedoJedi Knight Anakin
Hoth Rebel ScoutHoth Rebel SoldierReyIG-100 MagnaGuardIma-Gun DiNute GunrayGrand Master Yoda
General GrievousMagmatrooperResistance PilotPlo Koon

Shards are essential in getting your favorite Star Wars character. Many of the strong characters such as Count Dooku, Luke Skywalker and First Order TIE Pilot can only be gotten from consistently getting their character shards. As you get more shards for your characters, you are able to upgrade them from 1 star all the way to 7 stars. This will in turn improve their base stats such as armor, physical and special damage, resistance and more.

So far, only Darth Vader cannot be farmed, but I am sure they will allow us to do that sometime in the future. Right now, you can farm character shards in 3 areas:

  • Light Side Battles (requires 12 energy and light characters)
  • Dark Side Battles (requires 12 energy and dark characters)
  • Squad Cantina Battles (requires 8-12 cantina energy, can use both light or dark characters)

Keep in mind both light and dark side hard battles can only be done 3 times for any given stage, so you are quite limited in terms of the number of shards you can get here. For Squad Cantina battles, you technically have “unlimited” energy to farm a character if you keep buying crystals. For most f2p people, they can at least get 3-5 shards a day of the character they choose to farm.

Also make sure to save your Cantina credits on character shards you really want.

It also helps if you can attain 3 stars of the map, since you can just use Sim Tickets to clear the stage instead of fighting. I recommend farming Jedi Consular, Count Dooka and Luke Skywalker for beginners. They are very good and will allow you to get to the later stages where you can farm First Order TIE Pilot[an excellent hero] or any other hero you like.

If you have trouble finding the specific character, use the search function to find them in the table.

BattleLight SideDark SideSquad Cantina
1-AEwok ScoutN/AGeonosian Soldier
1-BJedi ConsularClone Sergeant – Phase 1Luke Skywalker
1-CCount DookuCount DookuClone Wars Chewbacca
1-DRoyal GuardJedi ConsularN/A
2-AReyFirst Order Storm TrooperNightsister Acolyte
2-BFirst Order Storm TrooperBoba FettN/A
2-CEwok ElderClone Wars ChewbaccaN/A
2-DTaliaCT-5555 “Fives" Jawa
2-EMace WinduLuminara UnduliN/A
2-FTaliaIG-86 Sentinel DroidN/A
3-AResistance TrooperResistance TrooperJedi Consular
3-BDathchaHoth RebelN/A
3-CStormtrooperJedi ConsularMagnaGuard
3-DLuminara UnduliTeeboN/A
3-EClone Wars ChewbaccaClone Sergeant – Phase 1Finn
3-FDathchaJedi Knight GuardianN/A
3-GN/AN/ABiggs Darklighter
4-ATeeboBiggs DarklighterMace Windu
4-BLobotOld DakaN/A
4-CGeneral VeersAhsoka TanoKylo Ren
4-DIG-86 Sentinel DroidStormtrooperN/A
4-EPoggle the LesserBoba FettIG-86 Sentinel Droid
4-FCT-5555 “Fives”JawaN/A
4-GN/AN/APlo Koon
5-AURoRRuR’R’RIma-Gun DiN/A
5-BLobotJedi Knight AnakinN/A
5-CJedi Knight AnakinBarriss OffeeN/A
5-DAhsoka TanoReyN/A
5-EClone Sergeant – Phase 1Barriss OffeeN/A
5-FURoRRuR’R’RRoyal GuardN/A
6-ALuminara UnduliHoth Rebel ScoutN/A
6-BJawaFirst Order Tie PilotN/A
6-CGeneral VeersTusken RaiderN/A
6-DFirst Order Tie PilotGeneral VeersN/A
6-EPoggle the LesserMagnaGuardN/A

For those that are interested in what items you can get from Shipments using Cantina credits, here they are(they refresh every 6 hours):

  • 1 Ability Material Mk1 – 100 Cantina Credits
  • 1 Ability Material Mk2 – 200 Cantina Credits
  • 5 Old Daka Shards – 400 Cantina Credits
  • 5 Stormtrooper Shards – 400 Cantina Credits
  • 5 First Order Officer Shards – 400 Cantina Credits
  • 5 CT-5555 “Fives” Shards – 400 Cantina Credits
  • 5 Ahsoka Tano Shards – 400 Cantina Credits
  • 5 Jedi Knight Guardian Shards – 400 Cantina Credits
  • 5 Mob Enforcer Shards – 400 Cantina Credits
  • 5 Hoth Rebel Scout Shards – 400 Cantina Credits
  • 5 Boba Fett Shards – 400 Cantina Credits
  • 5 Poe Dameron Shards – 400 Cantina Credits

Most Farmable Character List

Bonus Data by meanpride of Reddit(Kudos):


GW – Galactic War Shipments. A completed War will reward a total of 15 shards

CANTINA – Cantina mission shards. Spending all cantina energy, INCLUDING 1 REFILL(which is highly recommended), would yield approx. 8 shards a day.

HM – Hard Mode shards. 3 max missions that yields ~1 shard per mission per day. Multiple Heroes have multiple missions.

For reference:

  1. IG-86 – 15(GW), 8(CANTINA), 2(2HM) = 25/day
  2. Datcha – 15(GW), 8(CANTINA), 2(2HM) = 25/day
  3. Biggs Darklighter – 15 (GW), 8(CANTINA), 1(1HM) = 24/day
  4. Luminara – 15(GW), 3(3HM) = 18/day
  5. Poggle – 15(GW), 2(2HM) = 17/day
  6. Teebo – 15(GW), 2(2HM) = 17/day
  7. Tusken Raider – 15(GW), 1(1HM) = 16/day
  8. Phasma, Resistance Pilot, Nightsister Initiate – 15(GW) = 15/day
  9. Jedi Consular – 8(CANTINA), 3(3HM) = 11/day
  10. Chewbacca – 8(CANTINA), 2(2HM) = 10/day
  11. Mace Windu – 8(CANTINA), 1(1HM) = 9/day

*Arena Heroes – 10/day (If ranked from 101-200)

Disclaimer: CANTINA and HM are an approximate. You may get more or less depending on RNG.

EDIT: lowered Cantina drops from 10 to 8. My RNG Data may be different from others.

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