Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Magmatrooper Review

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Magmatrooper Review

SWGOH Magmatrooper Review S

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The Magmatrooper is a resilient attacker that recovers quickly from debuffs and deals potent AoE damage.

Type: Empire, Attacker

Side: Dark

Synergy: AoE Damage, Turn Meter Gain, Turn Meter Reduction, Tenacity

How to Get[Shards]: Data Cards

Pros Cons
Can hit 2 targets with the basic attack Low special resistance
Good chance to remove turn meter on all enemies No leader skill
High tenacity to resist bad status effects and gain turn meter No special attacks
Tanky character

Skills and Abilities

Note: All skill descriptions are based at max level. The bracket denotes the level required to upgrade that skill.

Basic Ability: Line of Fire – Deal Physical Damage to target enemy with a 50% chance to damage another random target. The secondary attack deals 35% less damage.

  • LvL 2: +5% Damage(16)
  • LvL 3: +15% Secondary Attack chance(26)
  • LvL 4: +5% Damage(36)
  • LvL 5: -15% Damage Penalty(46)
  • LvL 6: +5% Damage(56)
  • LvL 7: +5% Damage(66)
  • LvL 8: +15% Secondary Attack chance(76)

Special Ability: Thermal Imploder – Deal Physical Damage to all enemies and remove 30% Turn Meter, with a 40% chance to remove another 30% Turn Meter. This attack ignores Armor. (4 Turn CD)

  • LvL 2: +5% Damage(18)
  • LvL 3: +15% Damage(28)
  • LvL 4: +5% Damage(38)
  • LvL 5: +5% Damage(48)
  • LvL 6: +10% Turn Meter Reduction(58)
  • LvL 7: +5% Damage(68)
  • LvL 8: +15% Damage(78)

Unique Ability: Hazard Training – Magmatrooper has +25% Tenacity and gains 60% Turn Meter whenever he Resists or suffers a negative status effect.

  • LvL 2: +10% Turn Meter Gain(20)
  • LvL 3: +10% Turn Meter Gain(30)
  • LvL 4: +5% Tenacity(40)
  • LvL 5: +10% Turn Meter Gain(50)
  • LvL 6: +5% Tenacity(60)
  • LvL 7: +10% Turn Meter Gain(70)
  • LvL 8: +5% Tenacity(80)

Stat Growth/Increase Per Level Table

Star Grade 1★ 2★ 3★ 4★ 5★ 6★ 7★
Strength N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A  8.1
Agility N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 5.4
Intelligence N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 4.5

Base and Max Stats

Stat Base Max
STR 19  866
AGI 16  525
INT 15  430
Health 512  16818
Speed 100  119
Physical Damage 42  1914
Physical Critical 6  480
Armor 3 196
Armor Penetration 0  15
Dodge 0 0
Special Damage 36  1092
Special Critical Rate 0  0
Resist 1  70
Resist Penetration 0  0
Deflect Rating 0 0
Critical Damage 150% 150%
Potency 0 7%
Tenacity 15% 74%
Hp Steal 0 0%


The Magmatrooper is the newest addition to the SWGOH team. He offers bonus attacks on his basic ability. At max level, provides a 50% chance to attack another random target at -35% power on the second shot. This translates to more attacks/damage over the course of 5 turns.

He also has a lot of turn meter manipulation skills, with his special attack reducing enemy turn meters while his unique gives him bonus turn meter if he resists any negative effects.

His health pool and speed is decent than most troopers, so that makes him a good character to have on the dark side.

The downside is that he doesn’t have any special attacks or a leader skill. He is also currently not farmable, so I think you won’t see much of him till EA makes him farmable.


[usrlist “Campaign Map:3.5” “Arena:3.5” “Galactic War:3.5”]

Verdict: Gear him if you pulled him and make him your utility tank for the dark side.

References: SWGOH, SWGOH.GG

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