Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Barriss Offee Review

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Barriss Offee Review

SWGOH Barriss Offee Review

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Barriss Offee is a Jedi with strong healing capabilities. We will be doing a brief guide on what she has to offer to your team and you can decide whether you want to use her or not.

Type: Jedi, Tank, Healer

Side: Light

Synergy: Team Heal, Cleanse, Regen

How to Get[Shards]: Data Cards, Dark side 5-C, 5-E, & 8-A, Cantina 6A

Pros Cons
AoE heal is great at protecting fragile characters AoE heal is less effective against AoE damage teams
AoE heal equalization goes past anti-heal debuff  Lacks damage
Has team regen once leader skill is level 3 No AoE damage skills
Very tanky with high health Hard to farm shards at lower levels
Provides percent health boost to whole team as leader – especially for Jedis

Skills and Abilities

Note: All skill descriptions are based at max level. The bracket denotes the level required to upgrade that skill.

Basic Ability: Invigorating Strike – Deal Physical damage to target enemy with a 45% chance for all allies to recover 6% of Barriss Offee’s Max Health.

  • LvL 2: +5% Damage(16)
  • LvL 3: +5% Damage(26)
  • LvL 4: +15% Chance to Heal(36)
  • LvL 5: +3% Healing(46)
  • LvL 6: +5% Damage(56)
  • LvL 7: +15% Chance to Heal(66)

Special Ability: Force Healer – All allies have their current Health percentages equalized (Health equalizing effects ignore Healing Immunity). Then, each ally recovers 15% of their Max Health. (5 Turn CD)

  • LvL 2: +2.5% Heal(18)
  • LvL 3: +2.5% Heal(28)
  • LvL 4: +5% Heal(38)
  • LvL 5: +2.5% Heal(48)
  • LvL 6: +2.5% Heal(58)
  • LvL 7: +2.5% Heal(68)

Unique Ability: Swift Recovery – Barriss Offee has a 40% chance to dispel one random negative status from each allied Jedi and gain 9% Turn Meter for each effect removed.

  • LvL 2: Add +5% Turn Meter on Dispel(22)
  • LvL 3: +1% Turn Meter Gain(32)
  • LvL 4: +1% Turn Meter Gain(42)
  • LvL 5: +15% Dispel Chance(52)
  • LvL 6: +1% Turn Meter Gain(62)
  • LvL 7: +1% Turn Meter Gain

Leadership Skill: No One Left Behind – Jedi allies gain 20% Max Health, and other alllies gain half that amount. In addition, Jedi allies heal for 6% of Barriss Offee’s Max Health, and other allies heal half that amount.

  • LvL 2: +2.5% Health(20)
  • LvL 3: +2.5% Health(30)
  • LvL 4: Allied Jedi Heal for 4% of Barriss Offee’s Max health at the start of their turn, other allied units are healed for half that amount(40)
  • LvL 5: +2.5% Health(50)
  • LvL 6: +2% Heal(60)
  • LvL 7: +2.5% Health(70)

Stat Growth/Increase Per Level Table

Star Grade 1★ 2★ 3★ 4★ 5★ 6★ 7★
Strength N/A N/A N/A 4.9 5.9 6.9  7.9
Agility N/A N/A N/A 3.6 4.3 5.1 5.8
Intelligence N/A N/A N/A 3 3.6 4.3 4.9

Base and Max Stats

Stat Base Max
STR 23  858
AGI 16  519
INT 17  543
Health 566  20731
Speed 100 114
Physical Damage 52  1457
Physical Critical 6  299
Armor 4  212
Armor Penetration 0  6
Dodge 0 0
Special Damage 40  1571
Special Critical Rate 0  20
Resist 1  79
Resist Penetration 0  5
Deflect Rating 0 0
Critical Damage 150% 150%
Potency 0 40%
Tenacity 15% 43%
Hp Steal 0% 5%


Barriss Offee is a great addition to your healing squad. If you use her alongside JC and Talia for Squad Cantina and Galactic War, you will have an easier time keeping your damage dealers alive. The best thing about Barriss is her equalization heal that allows your near death damage dealer back to almost full health due to her high hp pool.

She also has built in regen that gives all your characters a small regen every turn. That means it is good to use a fast team or a character that can boost your turn meter. More turns mean more heal per turn. She is indispensable for GW and you will need her or Luminara Unduli to breeze through it.

The only downside about her heal is that it is on a long cooldown of 5 turns. So you need to micro manage the heal so that it doesn’t go to waste, especially on auto. Plus, her attacks are mediocre at best. Her shards are also tougher to farm since dark side campaign 5 hard is difficult to unlock unless your team is stacked.

Note: She is now available in Squad Cantina 6A


[usrlist “Campaign Map:4.5” “Arena: 3.5” “Galactic War:5”]

Verdict: Keep her leveled until you can get Luminara Unduli geared and leveled.

References: SWGOH

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