Defeat White Dragon [Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius]

Defeat White Dragon [Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius]

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Hello folks! Today, I will share with you the few strategies that you can use to beat the White Dragon in town to get your Murasame(a katana that gives +61 attack). Let’s go over the strategy and team compositions.

White Dragon

White Dragon

This powerful guy has some really nasty attacks and you won’t be able to defeat him easily if you don’t have enough damage or sustain.

Level Health Mp
25 53000 90

Resistance – Neutral to all and immune to gravity type attacks.

So this dragon has a whooping 53k hp that you need to plow through before he goes down. For most players with deep pockets, this dragon will be a piece of cake when you max out your best units like Chizuru, Cloud of Darkness, Bartz or Kefka alongside a few good healers like Krile, Fina and Roselia. However, most won’t be able to have most of the units I mention except for maybe Krile.

So for free to play gamers, you should focus on leveling your main characters Rain, Lasswell and Fina. Fina is a must since she can heal. Before we go more in depth, let’s go over the general strategy.

Attack Sequence

Every turn, the white dragon will attack 3 times. He will select his attacks randomly from any of the attacks below:

  • Physical Attack – A normal attack to a unit.
  • Scorch – Fire magic damage to a single unit.
  • Earthquake – Earth magic damage to all units.
  • Bolt – Thunder magic damage to all units.
  • Maelstrom – Reduces one unit’s HP by 99%. Used twice.

Maelstrom is the most damaging spell and it can possible hit the same unit twice. That means 1 turn KO for your unit. If you are unlucky, he can do that on the first turn and you are down a man. But, most of the time, Maelstrom will hit 2 units instead. His other attacks aren’t too damaging, but it will hurt if your units are low leveled. My recommendation is to fight him when you have maxed all your characters at 4/5 stars.


  • All characters level 50
  • All characters at least have 4 star rarity

Overall Strats

Since the white dragon is immune to gravity, you can’t use graviga to reduce a huge chunk of his health. The best performing attacks would be:

  • Bladebash – 30% chance to paralyze
  • Bio Blaster – 50% poison chance
  • Bioga – Dark damage + 20% poison chance
  • Biora – Dark damage + 15% poison chance
  • Sleep Dagger – 30% sleep chance

Basically, you want to either use sleep with magic spells or paralyze with poison. Poison takes away 10% of his health every turn, which is huge if you don’t do enough damage. Sleep means he can’t attack and you will take 0 damage. Just make sure not to use physical attacks while he is asleep or it will wake him up.

Viable Characters

Here are a list of characters you can use.

For paralyze(Blade Bash):

Character Minimum Rarity Minimum Level
Cyan 3★ 1
Firion 3★ 24
Miyuki 3★ 38
Leo 4★ 11
Gilbert 4★ 28
Chizuru 4★ 1

For Poison:

The characters below can learn poison, which gives 15% poison chance.

Name Min rarity Level
Vivi 3★ 18
Fran 3★ 1
Shantotto 3★ 1
Rydia 3★ 1
Golbez 3★ 1

Now, if you want a higher % chance, use Bio Blaster(50% poison chance). It does low damage but it gets the job done. Edgar has this skill and you can also craft it by getting the recipe from Grandport. You need to exchange the Earth Key 7 for it in Royal Capital Granshelt. It also requires Dark Cryst x8, Farplane Soul x1, Raptor Feather x3 and Alcryst x1 to craft. Alcryst can be gotten from ability shops.

For Sleep:

Character Minimum Rarity Minimum Level
Vivi 3★ 1
Rakshasa 3★ 3

Sleep Dagger recipe can be gotten from Grandport quest “Pillow of Your Dreams”. Here are the steps to getting it:

For this quest to activate, you need to already have cleared Lanzelt Highlands dungeon. Speak to the sailor here:

FFBE Q11 Grandport

Then, go to Lanzelt Highlands Exploration to this location:

FFBE Q10 Grandport 2

Then, you need to go to Village of Kol and speak to the lady right in front at the inn to get a recipe for Sleep Dagger. It requires Water Cryst x3, Gaia’s Tear x1 and Iron Ore x5 to craft. It is also a reward from Colosseum Beginner C-5.

Assemble Your Team

Your team could have the following:

  • 1-2 paralyze units
  • 1-2 raw damage dealers (can be physical or magic)
  • 1-2 sleep units
  • 1 poison unit
  • 1-2 healer

An example team would be: Cyan(paralyze), Vivi(Sleep/Poison), Krile(Healer with dualcast), Rain(Attacker), Fina(Healer with Bio Blaster).  Always heal up and make sure to use paralyze, sleep or poison on the first turn. If you have skills like Power Break/Defense Break, use it to your advantage!

Good luck guys!

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