Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – Town of Amore [Quests/Treasure Locations]

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – Town of Amore [Quests/Treasure Locations]

The Town of Amore is the home of the Aqua Guardians and is the second town of the Olderion Federation. With water wheels, deltas, rivers and bridges abound the Town of Amore is a lovely place to visit. Check out the guide below to find the gear and quest you’ll need to delve into the Water Shrine!

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Item/Treasure Chest Locations –

Treasure Chests
1 Hero Drink
2 White Robe
3 Ice Lance
4 X-Potion
5 Red Megacite
6 Star Quartz
7 Phoenix Down
8 Recipe for Arctic Wind
1B Recipe for Biora Blade (Magic Key Required)

Hero Drink

White Robe

Ice Lance


Red Megacite

Star Quartz

Phoenix Down

Recipe for Arctic Wind

Recipe for Biora Blade (Magic Key Required)

Fat Chocobo

Quest starting in Town of Amore –

1. Foe of the Veterans

Objective: Defeat 5 Ogre Mages, which can be found in the Water Dungeon and Exploration

Reward: Phoenix Down

Effect: Revives one ally from being KO’d.

2. Gift to the God of Water

Objective: Deliver 3 Water Megacryst

Reward: Elixir

Effect: Fully restores one ally’s HP and MP.

3. Aqua Supreme

Prerequisite: Clear Foe of the Veterans

Objective: Obtain water from the places below.

Zadehl Westersand – Exploration

Golzas Canyon – Exploration

Village of Ambel

Reward: Star Quartz

4. Boarish Pride

Prerequisite: Clear the following quest

  • Clear What a Man Wants quest
  • Talk to the vault guard in Industrial City Dilmagia
  • Talk to the woman in front of the farplane crystal

Objective 1: Talk to the Vault Guard in the Industrial City of Dilmagia

Objective 2: Talk to the man at the Royal Capital Grandshelt orphanage

Objective 3: Talk to this man in the Aquatic Cove – Exploration

Objective 4: Talk to the Vault Guard in the Industrial City of Dilmagia

Reward: Gale Key #4 (Tornado Ring)

Statistics –

  • Type: Accessory
  • Stats: DEF+6
  • Resistance: Wind (+15%)



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