Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Maranda Coast Exploration [Item Locations]

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Maranda Coast Exploration [Item Locations]


Maranda Coast is the first map of Dirnado. The coast is cheery and bright, almost good enough for a picnic if you ignore all the monsters. Maranda Coast has a few hard to find treasures so check out the guide to make sure you got them all! This is map also has 5 collection points which seems to be the norm for all maps going forward. Check out the pictures below to see if you missed anything.

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Exploration Stats

Energy Battles Gil Unit Exp Rank Exp
12 29 7849 60064 373

Maximize Experience Points


Maranda Coast is another two zone exploration, meaning that you have to do all the battles of Zone 1 & Zone 2 to maximize your EXP. To do this first stay in ZONE 1 until you have 2926 Gil then proceed to and stay in ZONE 2 until you have 7334 Gil and then defeat the boss.

Drops – Allure Powder, Aqua Pearl, Beast Meat, Book of Ruin, Chromatic Ooze, Crimson Tear, Deepsea Bloom, Dragon Heart, Elemental Tear, Esper Cryst, Farplane Soul, Glowseeds, Life Orb, Pearl of Wisdom, Quality Parts, Seed of Life, Spellsilk, Spiritsand, Talmonite of Life, Tough Scale

Collection Points – Iron Ore, Silver Ore, Mythril Ore, Ice Cryst, Ice Megacryst, Water Cryst, Water Megacryst, Wind Cryst, Wind Megacryst, Magicite Shard, Magicite, Blue Magicite, Blue Megacite

Enemies – Adamantoise, Anet, Aqua Elemental, Gigantoad, Green Slime, Sahagin, Sea Scorpion, Skadi, Undine

Boss – Black Shark


Boss Attacks – 

Strike – Deals physical damage and lower DEF of a unit.

Charge – Deals physical damage to a unit.

Watera – Deals Water magic damage to all units.

Other Locations for Black Shark

Location Lv HP MP
Maranda Coast

Maranda Coast – Exploration

Boss Battle

32 58000 130

Black Shark is immune to gravity and petrify. Black Shark is resistant to water and is weak to lightning.

Item/Treasure Chest Locations


Treasure Chests  
1 Dragon Scale
2 Orange Megacite
3 Tide Ring
4 Brigandine
5 Recipe for Mythril Helm
6 Poison Knuckles
7 Star Quartz
1B Recipe for MAG +10%

 Collection Point 1


Dragon Scale


Orange Megacite


Recipe for MAG +10%


Collection Point 2


Collection Point 3


Tide Ring


Collection Point 4




Recipe for Mythril Helm


Poison Knuckles


Star Quartz


Collection Point 5


Quest involving Maranda Coast

Help Wanted

Start: Talk to this person at Maranda Coast here


Objective: Objective: Help do work along the shore

Go to Maranda Coast/Exploration, talk to the NPC (marked X), and then collect all 3 airship parts around the area. When you are done, talk to the NPC again back at the entrance to finish the quest and obtain the reward.


Reward: Mythril Helm



  • Type: Armor (Helm)
  • Stats: DEF+20


Location, Location, Location –

Start: Start the quest here in Felicitas Town


Objective 1: Search the 3 places from the note

Lanzelt’s pitch-black forest: Phantom Forest/Exploration


The lost port of Kolobos: Ghost Port Kolobos


Dirnado seaside: Maranda Coast/Exploration


Objective 2: Search the place from the notes

Examine the bottom right spot of the bar in Industrial City Dilmagia


Reward: Gold Armlet


Statistics –

  • Type: Accessory
  • Stats: DEF +3, MP+30
  • Resistance: Petrify (null)

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