Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – The Lost Village of Marlo Quests and Treasure Locations

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – The Lost Village of Marlo Quests and Treasure Locations


The Lost Village of Marlo is the last town of Lanzelt and it has an almost Christmas-y sort of feel to it, lots of snow, and lots of treasures to find! Until the release of the 3rd Island this was the place to be. The Lost Village of Marlo has some cool presents hidden all over so check out the guide to make sure you found them all.

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How to Unlock –


The Lost Village of Marlo is an optional town with a lot of great items to find and buy. To unlock it go to Wolfsfang Peak/Exploration and exit from the north of the map marked as Lost Village of Marlo, and then town will be unlocked. No boss fight is required, easy right?

Item/Treasure Chest Locations –


Treasure Chests  
1 Recipe for Fuma Shuriken
2 Star Quartz
3 Large Shield
4 Recipe for Hyper Wrist
5 Barbut
6 Earth Key #1 (Main Gauche)
7 Recipe for Power Vest
8 Ether
9 Great Axe
10 Gold Needle
11 Partisan
1B Osafune
  1. Recipe for Fuma Shuriken


2. Star Quartz


3. Large Shield


4. Recipe for Hyper Wrist


1B. Osafune


5. Barbut


6. Earth Key #1 (Main Gauche)


7. Recipe for Power Vest


8. Ether


9. Great Axe


10. Gold Needle


11. Partisan


Star Quartz Exchange –


Quest involving Lost Village of Marlo


  1. The Wolfsfang Terror –


Objective: Defeat the Mahadeva at Snow Wolf Highlands

Mahadeva spawns in Wolfsfang Peak/Exploration near the entrance to Lost Village of Marlo, before the secret passage, close to the Star Quartz chest.


 Boss – Mahadeva


Boss Attacks – 

Cryptic Dust – Inflicts Blind to all units

Rib – Multiple physical damage to a unit. Can use multiple times per turn.

Other Locations for Mahadeva

Location Lv HP MP
Wolfsfang Peak – Exploration (Quest) 26 55000 65
Golzas Canyon 26 50000 120
Golzas Canyon – Exploration 26 50000 120
Colosseum: 26 55000 65
Beginner A-3
Colosseum: 42 82000 140
Intermediate C-4

Mahadeva is immune to gravity and petrify, but takes bonus damage from Holy (Banish).

Reward: Mirage Vest



  • Type: Armor (Clothes)
  • Stats: DEF+28, SPR+15
  • Additional effect: Gain access to Mirage (Negate up to two sources of damage taken for up to 3 turns to the caster)
  1. Outside In


Objective: Deliver 3 ice megacrysts

Ice Megacryst can be found in Wolfsfang Peak/Exploration collection points.

Reward: Star Quartz


  1. My Shameful Naked Wrist –


Objective 1: Show the broken bracelet to the artisan

The artisan can be found in accessory shop of Grandport


Objective 2: Deliver 1 silver ore

Silver Ore can be found in Lanzelt exploration maps collection points

Objective 3: Deliver the antique bracelet

Reward: Recipe for Red Cap



  • Type: Armor (Hat)
  • Stats: ATK+5, DEF+5, MAG+5, SPR+5
Materials Gil Time
Spellsilk (5)
Abominable Wing (1)
Corpse Fly (3)
300 12 hours
  1. The Icemen Overcometh –


Objective: Defeat 10 ice statues

Ice Sculpture can be found in Wolfsfang Peak/Exploration

Reward: Recipe for Kazekiri



  • Type: Weapon (Katana)
  • Stats: ATK+35
  • Element: Wind
Materials Gil Time
Wind Cryst (5)
Thickened Hide (3)
Silver Ore (7)
Lumber (3)
280 6 hours
  1. Sins of the Past –


Prerequisite: Clear The Icemen Overcometh quest

Objective: Deliver the chipped greatsword

The greatsword can be found in Wolfsfang Peak/Exploration here:


Reward: Recipe for Gaia Gear



  • Type: Armor (Cloth)
  • Stats: DEF+20, MAG+5, SPR+5
  • Element:
  • Resistance: Wind (-50%), Earth (+50%), Petrify (+30%)
Materials Gil Time
Earth Cryst (8)
Gaia’s Tear (5)
Spellsilk (3)
600 12 hours

Quest involving The Lost Village of Marlo –

The Last Letter

Reward: Elixir

Objective: Deliver the letter

Talk to this person here.


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