Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – Felicitas Town [Quests/Treasure Locations]

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – Felicitas Town [Quests/Treasure Locations]


Felicitas Town is the go to place of Kolobos, high in the mountains Felicitas Town is kept safe from the monsters below but beware! Someone is up to no good and it’s up to you to solve the mystery behind the zombies. Maybe that research facility hidden away in the back has something to do with it?

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Item/Treasure Chest Locations –


Treasure Chests  
1 Golden Egg
2 Phoenix Down
3 Star Quartz
4 Black Belt Gi
5 Earth Key #14 (Mythril Shield)
6 Mythril Ore
7 Mythril Gloves
8 Dark Megacryst
9 Elixir
1B Recipe for Green Beret (Magic Key Required)

Golden Egg


Phoenix Down


Star Quartz


Black Belt Gi


Recipe for Green Beret (Magic Key Required)


Earth Key #14 (Mythril Shield)


Mythril Ore


Mythril Gloves


Dark Megacryst




Quest starting in Felicitas Town–


  1. Double Trouble

Prerequisite: Talk to the bard in Kolobos Marsh here


Objective: Defeat the doppelganger in Golzas Canyon

Reward: Thunder Shield



  • Type: Armor (Heavy Shield)
  • Stats: DEF+36, SPR+8
  • Resistance: Lightning (+50%), Water (-50%)


  1. Thunder Enlightening

Prerequisite: Talk to the following people in order


Objective: Listen to the old man and give him a Turbo Ether, which can be purchased from the item shop.

Reward: Star Quartz. Access to Thunder Summit


  1. A Burden of Beasts

Objective: Defeat 10 armored beasts which can be found in Golzas Wharf.

Reward: Pinwheel


Effect – Deals 2000 damage to one enemy. Throw ability required.

Crafting recipe

Materials Gil Time
Wind Cryst (3)
Silver Ore (3)
400 30 minutes
  1. Paper Chase

Prerequisite: Find the 3 documents in Felicitas Town


Start: Talk to the person next to the weapon shop in Felicitas Town

Objective: Talk to this person in Shrine of Decay/Exploration


Reward: Recipe for Fire Rod



  • Type: Weapon (Rod)
  • Stats: ATK+14, MAG+26
  • Element: Fire
  • Additional effect: Gain access to Fira

Crafting recipe

Materials Gil Time
Fire Cryst (5)
Mythril Ore (3)
Lumber (3)
140 6 hours
  1. Shock Therapy

Objective: Deliver 3 lightning crysts

Reward: Recipe for Giant Feather


Effect – Deals 200 wind damage to one enemy.

Crafting recipe

Materials Gil Time
Wind Cryst (3)
Farplane Soul (1)
20 1 minute
  1. Location, Location, Location –

Start: Start the quest here in Felicitas Town

Objective 1: Search the 3 places from the note

Lanzelt’s pitch-black forest: Phantom Forest/Exploration


The lost port of Kolobos: Ghost Port Kolobos


Dirnado seaside: Maranda Coast/Exploration


Objective 2: Search the place from the notes

Examine the bottom right spot of the bar in Industrial City Dilmagia


Reward: Gold Armlet


Statistics –

  • Type: Accessory
  • Stats: DEF +3, MP+30
  • Resistance: Petrify (null)
  1. Charmless Man

Objective: Find and deliver the reef moss found here.


Reward: Light Curtain


Effect – Casts Protect on all party members.


  1. Charm Offensive

Prerequisite: Clear the Charmless Man quest

Objective: Defeat 3 moogle eaters which can be found in Golzas Wharf

Reward: Recipe for Barbut



  • Type: Armor (Helmet)
  • Stats: ATK+3, DEF+8

Crafting recipe

Materials Gil Time
Silver Ore (3) 240 6 hours
  1. The Key Keeper Caper

Objective: Find the lock that fits the key in Ghost Port Kolobos


Reward: Phoenix Down


Effect – Revives one ally from being KO’d.


  1. A Neverending Nightmare

 Prerequisite: Clear the Shrine of Decay exploration

Start: Talk to this person in Felicitas Town

Objective: Defeat the savage monster here


Boss – Sand Worm


Boss Attacks – 

  • Earthquake – Earth magic damage to all units
  • Gaia’s Wrath – Extreme damage to all units

Boss Locations –

 Location Lv HP MP
Shrine of Decay – Exploration 35 90000 145

Intermediate S-4

66 230000 100

Sand Worm is immune to gravity, disease and petrify. Sand Worm has resistances to water and is weak to fire and stone.

Reward: Madhura Harp



  • Type: Weapon (Harp)
  • Stats: ATK+26
  • Additional effect: Confuse (30%)


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