Top 10 Best Lolicon Anime List [Recommendations]

Top 10 Best Lolicon Anime List [Recommendations]

Japan wouldn’t be Japan without their trademark obsession with youth.

And nowhere does that show up more than in anime, where adorable children take center stage… sometimes as love interests.

Here are the top 10 anime starring adorable – and often precocious – kids.

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Listen to me Girls, I’m Your Father!

listen to me girls i am your father

Yuuta Segawa finds himself in an awkward situation. Asked to babysit a family’s three young daughters while their parents are on a trip, the plane they’re on goes missing.

Faced with the prospect of the sisters being split and and taken in by different family members, Yuuta decides instead to take them all in to keep them together.

Relationships grow from this, of all kinds.


Renkin San-kyuu Magical? Pokaan

Here we have four girls from the netherworld just trying to fit in with humans. But for a witch, android, vampire and werewolf, fitting in isn’t all that easy.

That’s especially true when a woman named Dr. K-Ko is working to expose them as not human. And “expose” is definitely the right word here, for reasons you’ll see for yourself.

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Kodomo no Jikan

kodomo no jikan


It’s a common trope in anime for the kids to be more sexually inclined than the adults.

Enter Kodomo no Jikan, the anime about 3rd grader Rin Kokonoe’s attempts at seducing her teacher, Daisuke Aoki. Naturally, Daisuke turns aside her advances as best he can, but then a deeper story emerges: What circumstances are driving Rin to be like that, and how can Daisuke help?

More importantly, how deeply should he get involved as a teacher? For a series that appears to be about fanservice of 10-year-old girls, Kodomo no Jikan does a surprisingly good job of raising some deep moral and philosophical questions along the way.


Astarotte no Omocha!

Astarotte no Omocha

Okay, so this is about a 10-year-old succubus who needs to construct a male harem in order to do that thing that succubi do.

Unfortunately for Princess Astarotte (or “Lotte,” as she is more often known), she hates men. She says she will only accept the harem if her handlers can find a human male – which is going to be difficult, since humans are supposed to be extinct.

Welp, some stuff happened, and they found one. Hilarity ensues.




What happens when a team of five adorable girls join a basketball club – and end up coached by a would-be high school basketball star?

Ryo-Kyu-Bu happens.

Ironically, the reason Subaru Hasegawa is coaching this team of lolis instead of playing basketball for his high school? The team was disbanded after the captain was found to be pursuing the coach’s underage daughter.

The irony here is delicious.

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