Top 10 Best Comedy Anime List Recommendations[Romantic, School etc.]

Top 10 Best Comedy Anime List Recommendations[Romantic, School etc.]

Best Comedy Anime

It is always great to watch comedy animes that makes you laugh till you can’t breath. As they say laughter is the secret to happiness and this is the truth! Here are my own personal favorite comedy anime of all time. I have included mostly action, romantic and school life comedy because the majority of them fall in that genre.

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This anime is very popular and I can definitely see why. Besides the action packed fighting scenes, the number 1 attraction for this anime is also its humor. The main character, Gintoki is very comical and I would say he is funnier than Naruto. If you want a less “serious” anime and just sit back, enjoy and laugh your butt off, then Gintama will definitely fill the spot. For some reason, the animators did a good job narrating the parodies with great style and it is something I really liked.

Daily Lives of High School Boys

I am really surprised at this anime. At first glance, it doesn’t look at that interesting as they lack “female characters” and all that fan service stuff. But boy, the creators really know how to craft funny jokes and situations. I don’t think I have laughed harder at some of the jokes in the series. The anime is also a short series of 12 episodes, so you can literally do a marathon and finish it in 4-5 hours. Another surprising factor is that the supporting cast gets a good amount of show time as well, which they will also grow into you.

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

Ah, nothing much more enjoyable watching the “dumb” students take on the “smart” ones in order to have better school facilities. I will admit, the anime is pretty idiotic but it does deliver funny and brainless nonsense. This type of humor isn’t for everyone, but it did made me laugh my butt off for quite a good portion of the show. Add on to the silly super powers and the typical harem for the male lead makes it a pretty good anime to watch.

Sket Dance

Helping students solve problems is the name of the game for Sket Dance. 3 people come together to form a club to help their fellow students solve all kinds of problems. This is where the funny stuff comes in. The jokes from the anime are very easy to understand unlike the “East vs West humor” which you won’t have a problem with. My favorite character from the anime is Bossun due to his childish traits and he can suddenly become serious when he concentrates on something. His facial expressions are also priceless!

Fruits Basket

I love anime with “special curses” where certain characters can’t do a specific thing or they will get punished for it. Fruits Basket is a perfect example.  All the boys from the show suffer from a curse where if they where to hug females, they will be turned into Chinese zodiac animals. The anime does a great job at narrating each character’s situation. It is cruel and funny at the same time. The only unfortunate thing is that the anime is kinda cut short at the ending and many things are left hanging.

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