Defeat the Brachiosaur [Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius]


The fourth trial boss, Brachiosaur is the toughest boss yet! You’ll need a well-equipped team and a good strategy to take this blast from the past down. Brachiosaur makes quick work of the unprepared, so read the guide, get the gear and go get your Killer Bow!

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Name: Brachiosaur

Race: Dragon


Location Lv HP MP
Farplane – Tower of Earth 65 240520 400
Vortex of Trials – The Brachiosaur Returns 65 240520 400


Element Resistance
Fire Ice Lightning Water Aero Stone Holy Dark
Status Resistance
Poison Blind Sleep Silence Paralyze Confuse Disease Petrify
null null null null null null null null

Other Resistances: Gravity


  • Meteor – Unmitigated non-elemental magic damage to all units.
  • Ultima – Unmitigated non-elemental magic damage to all units. (Used when lower than 50% HP)
  • Snort – Removes one unit at random
  • Disaster – Chance for Blind, Confusion, Sleep to all units

General Overview:

Fighting Brachiosaur is a race against time. His amazingly high HP will make the battle go slow unless you have some serious DPS.  Bring along units that can cast Blizzaga. Celes is an MVP in this fight because she can both cast Blizzaga and her Sealing Blade can mitigate Ultima (but not meteor). Every turn Brachiosaur has a 20% chance to cast snort, if he takes out a unit before you get his HP ½ way down then it’s a good idea to give up and restart the battle. Since this fight is in the Farplane – Tower of Earth, the battle cost 0 energy, so restart it as many times as you need.

General Tips:

  • Celes’s Sealing Blade can prevent damage from the Brachiosaur’s Ultima spell. It must be the last spell cast to work properly.
  • Bring a unit with Full Break to make this fight much easier, as Brachiosaur is not resistant to it.
  • Brachiosaur is weak against ice. Chaining Blizzaga, physical units with Icebrand, and other ice-elemental abilities will amplify damage.
  • The ability to craft Icebrand was just released with Olderion, if you haven’t beat Brachiosaur yet it’s a good idea to craft this sword for each DPS unit that can equip it.
  • Equip the healer with accessories that prevent Sleep and Confusion. Headband, Black Choker and Ribbon.
  • Brachiosaur will always start off the fight with casting Disaster.
  • Brachiosaur has a 20% chance to cast Snort for each of its regular turns. If Snort is cast early on in the fight, it is not a bad idea to restart the trial.
  • At 50% HP, Brachiosaur will attack twice and Charge Up for Ultima.
  • At 30% HP, Brachiosaur will cast Snort and remove one party member from the fight.

First Time Victory Reward

 Killer Bow



  • Type: Weapon (Bow)
  • Stats: ATK+60
  • Element: Dark
  • Additional effect: Bird Killer, Plant Killer, Bug Killer



Brachiosaur gives you some leeway with team building since you can go with melee, caster, or with the release of the Icebrand Recipe, Team Edgar. Unlike Intangir or Demon Chimera, Brachiosaur doesn’t follow a strict attack pattern so team strategy is able to follow a more general approach.

Melee Team: 1 Tank, 2 Melee, 1 Melee/Support, 1 Healer

On turn one you should focus on setting yourself up for the early game, so buff and debuff all you can, using Cheer and Full Break will set you up nicely for the next few turns, after that just focus on doing DPS. Melee characters should wear accessories that reduce their expose to blind, confuse, and sleep but make sure your healer has first dibs. Bring along units that can cast Blindna, or use Ramuh. Having a healer or a 2nd unit with Esuna will be critical as well.

As the turns go on just make sure to keep you units topped off, meteor hits like a truck. Having a 2nd unit with Cura will helpful for that as well. After Brachiosaur goes below 50% HP he will charge up for Ultima, unless you’re running a team of 6-Star unit then you should guard that turn unless you really need to cure some team members. Healer’s luckily though come equipped with enough spirit to be able to naturally defend from Ultima’s onslaught enough to survive even if they casted Curaja. If Brachiosaur snorts out a team member before 50% HP, then you should restart, or if he snorts out your healer with more than 10% HP that’s game over as well. Just remember this fight cost 0-energy, so restart it as many times as necessary.

Caster Team: 1 Tank, 2 Caster, 1 Caster/Support, 1 Healer

On turn one you should focus on setting yourself up for the early game, so buff and debuff all you can, using Focus and Full Break will set you up nicely for the next few turns, after that just focus on doing DPS. If you’re lucky enough to have a Celes as your Caster/Support unit then you’ll be set to win easily enough since Celes can both add to Blizzaga chains, cast Focus and cast Sealing Blade, completely mitigating Ultima

The caster turn setup for Brachiosaur looks a lot like it did for Intangir

Caster Caster Celes Healer WoL
Turn 1 Blizzaga Blizzaga Focus Free Full Break
Turn 2 Blizzaga Blizzaga Blizzaga Curaja Blade Blitz
Turn 3 Blizzaga Blizzaga Blizzaga Curaja Blade Blitz
Turn 4 Blizzaga Blizzaga Focus Curaja Full Break
Turn 5 Blizzaga Blizzaga Blizzaga Curaja Blade Blitz
Turn 6 Blizzaga Blizzaga Blizzaga Curaja Blade Blitz
Turn 7 Blizzaga Blizzaga Focus Curaja Full Break

Obviously you’ll need to remove debuffs and use Sealing Blade as needed, but this team should just focus on chaining Blizzaga until you win.

Team Edgar: 1 Tank, 3 Edgar, 1 Healer w/Cheer (Fina, Lenna) or 1 Tank, 2 Edgar, 1 Caster, 1 Healer w/Cheer (Fina, Lenna). For giggles you could even use 4 x Edgar and 1 Healer once Edgar gets his 5-Star form.

Team Edgar is better than Team Sabin and this is why. Chainsaw. This ability is amazingly over-powered, and by the way, if you get an Edgar don’t fuse them, Edgar x 5 is capable of cheesing end game content only in the Japanese version right now. For our Brachiosaur fight however, equip your Edgars with Icebrand and let the uber-pwnage begin.

This strategy works because Icebrand takes advantage of Brachiosaur’s elemental weakness to Ice and it’s on a unit that’s capable of creating crazy AOE elemental chains BY THEMSELF, throw in another caster to take advantage of a 15-elemental chain and its multiplier effect along with the extra damage from Brachiosaur’s negative ice resistance and watch Brachiosaur go down faster than the dinos in an ice age.

Assemble Your Team:

*Guide is based on units, items, and skills available as of 10/30/16

Recommended Build: 1 Tank, 2 Melee, 1 Melee/Support, 1 Healer or 1 Tank 2 Caster, 1 Caster /Support, 1 Healer (Harder), or 1 Tank, 2 Edgar, 1 Caster, 1 Healer w/ Cheer

*If you have a 6-Star unit, awesome, you should use them, if not these are the best budget units.

Recommended Tank Units:

Warrior of Light

Warrior of Light (Best)



Amarant 5 Star




Recommended Melee Units:


Agrias (Best)

Chizuru 5

Chizuru (Best)


Black Cat Lid (Best)







Edgar 4 Star

Edgar (For his team only)

Recommended Melee / Support Units:


Vaan (Best)

Recommended Healing Units:

Lenna 5 Star

Lenna (Best for Melee Team)

Garnet 5 Star



Rosa (Best for Caster Team)



Recommended Caster Units:


Kefka (Best)

ExDeath 5 Star

Exdeath (Best)



Recommended Caster / Support Units:


Celes (Best)


Anything that has high attack and defense, if going the melee team or anything that has high magic and spirit if going the caster team; need Icebrand if going with Team Edgar, but it’s useful on any melee units and tanks for this fight.


+10% HP

  • Obtained from: Trust Rizer

+10% Defense

  • Obtained from: Recipe: Colosseum – Intermediate D-3 (only one)

+10% Magic

  • Obtained from: Silver Chest, Maranda Coast (recipe)

+10% Spirit

  • Obtained from: Silver Chest, Kolobos Marsh (recipe)


  • Obtained from: Ability Shop, Royal Capital Grandshelt


  • Obtained from: Trust Master, Rydia

Optional Spells:

Shell – Increase SPR (20%) for 3 turns to one ally

  • Obtained from: Recipe: (Silver Chest) Village of Kol

Recommended Items:

Name Effect
Eye Drops Cures one ally of blind.
Hi-Potion Restores a moderate amount of HP to one ally.
X-Potion Restores a large amount of HP to one ally.
Ether Restores a small amount of MP to one ally.
Turbo Ether Restores a moderate amount of MP to one ally.
Elixir Fully restores one ally’s HP and MP.
Phoenix Down Revives one ally from being KO’d.
Smelling Salts Cures one ally of sleep or confusion.
Remedy Cures one ally of all status effects.
Hyper Causes limit gauge to fill more quickly.