Orlandeau Review [Final Fantasy Brave Exvius]

Orlandeau Review [Final Fantasy Brave Exvius]


Max Rarity Skills Future Proof Stats Equipment Trust Master Overall
6 S+ S S+ A S S++
Rarity Job Origin Gender Family
5★ – 6★ Holy Swordsman FFT Male Human

Trust Master Rewards – Thunder God’s Plan: Accessory – ATK+3. Crush Accessory – Physical damage (1.9x) and decrease all elemental resistances (30%) for 3 turns to one enemy, Spirit Blade – Physical damage (1.6x) and magic damage (2.2x) to all enemies. Ultima Sword – Physical damage (2.5x) with ignore DEF (25%) to one enemy.

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Port City LydiraVillage of KolGrandportVillage of Marlo
Ghost Port KolobosFelicitas TownIndustrial City DilmagiaVillage of Ambel
Town of KoltsAquapolis OlderionTown of AmoreRaven's Hideaway
Earth Shrine ExpLatius Woods ExpDalnakya Cavern ExpGrandshelt Catacombs Exp
Fulan Pass ExpPhantom Forest ExpZadehl Westersand ExpLanzelt Highlands Exp
Wolfsfang Peak ExpLanzelt Mountains ExpKolobos Marsh ExpGolzas Canyon Exp
Kolobos Reef ExpShrine of Decay ExpMaranda Coast ExpDwarves' Forge Exp
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5★ 6★

General Thoughts

Orlandeau is a 6 star character with pretty good stats and plays the Physical Damage/Support role. Having these two roles on one character is always an interesting match up because they can essentially be a one man army.

Most of Orlandeau’s abilities revolve around dealing damage and either boosting his stats or decreasing his enemies. So in one character you have an attacker and a buff/debuff with out having to worry about keeping a fragile support alive.

So all in all he’s got a good character role to mess around with and use efficiently. Especially as a physical damage he can be buffed enough to deal some serious damage.

Stasis Sword, Cleansing Strike, and Lightning Stab are 3 good examples of his damage capabilities. Each attack deals decent physical damage but each one also adds an extra status ailment effect.

Stasis Sword inflicting stop, Cleansing Strike inflicting Confuse, and Lightning Stab conflicting Silence. Each ailment being helpful in their own way and good depending on the situation.

Aside from status ailments he has some good stat debuff attacks as well. Crush Weapon decreasing enemies attack and magic while his final skill Divine Ruination decreases light resistance.

He even has the typical buffs most other characters have just pushing him over the edge. Black Lion’s Crest and Auto-Refresh being extremely helpful in the long run.

Even his Limit Burst is built to deal heavy physical damage to all enemies and that’s all he really needs. He’s great for damage and some extra support.

Verdict: A good physical damage character worth obtaining


Rarity HP MP ATK DEF MAG SPR Attack Hits Drop Check Exp. Growth Pattern
5★ 2785 109 119 95 95 89 2 5 4
6★ 3621 142 155 124 124 116 2 6 6

Maximum Stats Increase

5★ 240 40 24 16 16 16
6★ 390 65 34 26 26 26


Orlandeau is neutral to all elements and status ailments.

Learned Abilities

Min rarity Level Icon Name Effect Hits MP
5★ 1 Stasis Sword Physical damage (2.1x) to one enemy
Inflict stop (30%) for 3 turns to one enemy
1 20
5★ 5 Night Sword Physical damage (2.1x) with HP drain (10%) to one enemy 1 20
5★ 15 Crush Weapon Physical damage (1.9x) to one enemy
Decrease ATK/MAG (40%) for 3 turns to one enemy
1 20
5★ 28 Northswain’s Strike Physical damage (1.6x) with ignore DEF (40%) to one enemy 1 3
5★ 58 Duskblade Physical damage (1.4x) to one enemy
Physical damage (0.3x) with MP drain (30%) to one enemy
5★ 80 Cleansing Strike Three physical damage (3x) to one enemy
Inflict confuse (30%) to one enemy
D 16
6★ 71 Lightning Stab Lightning physical damage (2.3x) to one enemy
Inflict silence (30%) to one enemy
6 25
6★ 100 Divine Ruination Physical damage (2x) with ignore DEF (50%) to one enemy
Decrease light resistance (50%) for 3 turns to one enemy
7 45
Min rarity Level Icon Name Effect
5★ 21 War Sense Increase LB gauge fill rate (200%)
5★ 46 ATK +30% Increase ATK (30%)
6★ 1 Black Lion’s Crest Increase ATK (40%) when equipped with a great sword
Increase resistance to blind, sleep and paralyze (100%)
6★ 39 HP +30% Increase HP (30%)
6★ 91 Auto-Refresh Recover MP (5%) per turn

Limit Burst

Rarity Name Effect Hits Cost
5★ Swordplay: Raiden Base Physical damage (2.5x) to all enemies 3 14
Max Physical damage (3.45x) to all enemies
6★ Swordplay: Raiden Base Physical damage (2.7x) to all enemies 3 16
Max Physical damage (3.9x) to all enemies


Orlandeau can equip 3 weapons and 9 armors.

Weapons Armors
Rarity Ability Slots Affinity
5★ 4
6★ 4


Rarity Material 1 Material 2 Material 3 Material 4 Material 5
6★ Fairies’ Writ (20) Rainbow Bloom (20) Calamity Writ (10) Prismatic Horn (5) Divine Crystal (5)


A knight who appears in the tales of holy stones known as auracite in the distant world of Ivalice. Cidolfus Orlandeau is also known as “Thunder God Cid,” and is a man feared by many due to his reputation as the undefeated general of the Order of the Southern Sky under the banner of the Black Lion. Once the War of the Lions had erupted amidst disputes of succession within the royal family, his resolve to protect and fight for the people never faltered.

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