Dark Fina Review [Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius]

Dark Fina Review [Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius]


Max Rarity Skills Future Proof Stats Equipment Trust Master Overall
6 S S S C S S++
Rarity Job Origin Gender Family
5★ – 6★ Dark Spirit   FF BE Female Human

Trust Master Rewards – Dark Bond [Passive] – Effect: Increase MAG (30%) when equipped with a rod and (20%) when equipped with a robe

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Port City LydiraVillage of KolGrandportVillage of Marlo
Ghost Port KolobosFelicitas TownIndustrial City DilmagiaVillage of Ambel
Town of KoltsAquapolis OlderionTown of AmoreRaven's Hideaway
Earth Shrine ExpLatius Woods ExpDalnakya Cavern ExpGrandshelt Catacombs Exp
Fulan Pass ExpPhantom Forest ExpZadehl Westersand ExpLanzelt Highlands Exp
Wolfsfang Peak ExpLanzelt Mountains ExpKolobos Marsh ExpGolzas Canyon Exp
Kolobos Reef ExpShrine of Decay ExpMaranda Coast ExpDwarves' Forge Exp
Windy Heights West ExpMobreeze Airship Factory ExpJunkyard ExpWind Shrine Exp
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5★ 6★

General Thoughts

Dark Fina is a character based around Magic Damage. And with her stat layout and skill setup, she is very well suited for filling that role.

Her magic stat is pretty good and should be for the damage she’ll be dishing out. Her skills are built very well to suit her and her magic is just as good.

Her skills Distress and Physical Fall are great to use for quick debuffs on your enemies. Distress giving a random status ailment to one enemy and Physical Fall decreasing enemy attack and defense by 40% for 3 turns.

Her ability Revoke is also very good because it gives her 100% resistance to Silence and that is an amazing thing to have on a magic focused character. So combining her resistance to the ailments she can dish out makes her a pretty good DoT or Stall character.

Her magic is the run of mill damage spells all built to deal different kinds of damage. Thundaga, Waterga, Aeroga, Stonga covering the elemental damage. Bioga, Osmoses, and Graviga covering the health draining effects.

And her strongest spell is Ultima. It hits with a 2.8X multiplier and ignores 25% SPR to all enemies. And what makes her even more effective with her magic is her skill Dual Black Magic.

Giving her the ability to cast two spells in a row kind of makes her a magic powerhouse. And her final skill pushes her over the top.

Her final skill Dystopia has a 2.8x multiplier with a consecutive damage increase of 1.6X for 3 turns. So all of her magic and Dystopia’s damage over time effect sets her up as a highly usable magic attacker.

Her downside is that of any magic based character and that is how easy she is to take down. Her defense is low and she can’t wear any real defensive armor. So she’s a glass cannon, she’ll hit hard but shatter easily.

Verdict: Dark Fina is a great character to use if you’re looking for good Magic Damage.


Rarity HP MP ATK DEF MAG SPR Attack Hits LB Drops Exp. Growth Pattern
5★ 2670 146 88 92 115 98 4 3 4
6★ 3472 190 115 120 150 128 4 3 6

Maximum Stats Increase

5★ 240 40 16 16 24 16
6★ 390 65 26 26 34 26


Dark Fina has +50% Dark Resistance and -50% Light Resistance and is neutral to all other elements and status.

Learned Abilities

Min Rarity Level Icon Name Effect Hits MP
5★ 30 Distress Random status ailment (poison, blind, sleep, silence, paralyze, confuse and disease 30%, petrify 100%) to all enemies 24
5★ 53 Auto-Refresh Recover MP (5%) per turn during battle
5★ 70 MP +30% MP +30%
5★ 80 Physical Fall Decrease ATK/DEF (40%) for 3 turns to all enemies 48
6★ 1 Retaliate Counter physical attacks (30%) with magic damage (0.8x) 1
6★ 12 MAG +30% MAG +30%
6★ 21 Revoke Increase resistance to silence, paralyze and petrify (100%)
6★ 94 Dual Black Magic Use black magic twice in one turn 0
6★ 100 Dystopia Dark magic damage (2.8x) with consecutive damage increase (1.6x, max: 3) to all enemies 1 45

Learned Magic Abilities 

Min Rarity Level Icon Name Effect Hits MP
5★ 3 Thundaga Lightning magic damage (1.8x) to all enemies 1 20
5★ 3 Waterga Water magic damage (1.8x) to all enemies 1 20
5★ 3 Aeroga Wind magic damage (1.8x) to all enemiesy 1 20
5★ 3 Stonga Earth magic damage (1.8x) to all enemies 1 20
5★ 18 Bioga Dark magic damage (1.4x) and poison (20%) to all enemies 1 20
5★ 48 Osmose Magic damage (0.3x) with MP drain (30%) to one enemy 1 10
5★ 48 Graviga HP damage (75%) to all enemies 1 20
6★ 62 Ultima Magic damage (2.8x) with ignore SPR (25%) to all enemies 1 60

Limit Burst

Rarity Name Effect Hits Cost
5★ Hell’s Judgment Base: Dark magic damage (2.5x) with ignore SPR (50%) to all enemies
Max: Dark magic damage (3.45x) with ignore SPR (50%) to all enemies
6 14
6★ Hell’s Judgment Base: Dark magic damage (2.7x) with ignore SPR (50%) to all enemies
Max: Dark magic damage (3.9x) with ignore SPR (50%) to all enemies
8 16


Dark Fina can equip 4 weapons and 4 armors

Weapons Armors
Staff1Rod1Whip1Mace  AccessoryHatClothesRobe 
Rarity Ability Slots Affinity
5★ 4 Black Magic Lvl 8
6★ 4 Black Magic Lvl 8


Rarity Material 1 Material 2 Material 3 Material 4 Material 5
6★ Calamity Gem (20) Calamity Writ (10) Rainbow Bloom (10) Prismatic Horn (5) Divine Crystal (5)


Fina’s alternate form, a powerful attack magic-wielding warrior. Though completely different from the mysterious-yet-adultlike girl Rain first came across, the sincerity she shows from time to time is just like the old Fina. She seems to yearn for being given power, as if she has some sort of mission that depends on it.

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