Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Grandport [Treasure Box/Chests Location]


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Grandport is the 3rd city in Lanzelt. It is a huge city and you will be walking around trying to get all the treasure chests here. They aren’t too hard to find, but you may miss some of them.

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Quest Guide

FFBE Grandport Quest Map

Location Quest Name Reward
1 Preserving the Peace Recipe for Rune Staff
2 Cryst Almighty Paladin Armor
3 Lootiful Dreamer Moon Ring Blade
4 Ore Inspiring Recipe for Hypno Crown
5 Missing on the Mountain Kiku-ichimonji
6 Hero Mask Task Tiger Mask
7 Niche Dish Wish Coral Sword
8 It's a Dog's Death Vaccine
9 Operation Desert Treasure Earth Key 20 (Charm Bangle)
10 Ninja Challenge  Recipe for Ninja Gear
11 Pillow of Your Dreams Recipe for Sleep Dagger

1 – Reserving the Peace

FFBE Q1 Grandport

Speak to the NPC inside the weapon shop. Then head over to Lechio Hills Dungeon to find and defeat 8 Bloody Eyes. Just don’t select Bandit’s Hideout due to the boss battle. Upon completion, come back to the NPC and get your recipe for Rune Staff(ATK+15, MAG+6, SPR+38 and 30% Silence chance + gain Silence Staff).

2 – Cryst Almighty

FFBE Q2 Grandport

Talk to the NPC inside the armor shop on the left. Then go to Zadehl Westersand/Exploration collection points to collect 5 Earth Megacryst. Upon completion, come back to him for a Paladin Armor(DEF+32, SPR+10).

3 – Lootiful Dreamer

FFBE Q3 Grandport

Find the sleeping old man in bed by heading to the room above the material and general shop. He is by the room in top left side. You need 3 Chromatic Ooze  from Lanzelt Estuary or Wolfsfang Peak Exploration, from Toadgre. Once you hand it over, you also need 1 Otherworldly Bone in Lanzelt Highlands Exploration from Werepanther or Ipooh.

FFBE Q3- Grandport

He will then tell you the location of the Moon Ring Blade(ATK+26 and 50% bonus damage to birds). It is located near the boat.

4 – Ore Inspiring

FFBE Q4 Grandport

Enter the bottom left room and speak to the lady where you spoke to the old man. She will want you to get the Zadehl Ore, which is located in Zadehl Westersand Exploration near the oasis. The location is marked below:

FFBE Q4 Grandport Location

Return it and get your Hypno Crown, a hat that gives DEF+5, SPR+12.

5 – Missing on the Mountain

Requirement: You need to clear the “There’s a Scaaar-maaan…” quest in Royal Capital Grandshelt.

FFBE Q5 Grandport 2

Speak to the 4 people in order to complete it and this quest will show up. You also need to speak to the lady in Grandport here:

FFBE Q5 Grandport

She will ask you to find the girl at Snow Wolf Highlands which can be found in Wolfsfang Peak Exploration. Here is the location:

FFBE Q5 Grandport 4

Complete this to get a Kiku-ichimonji(a katana with ATK+30).

6 – Hero Tiger Mask

FFBE Q6 Grandport

Speak to the young boy at the top left corner of Grandport. He wants you to help him find his father, which he can find in Lanzelt Highlands Exploration below:

FFBE Q6 Grandport 2

Complete this to get a Tiger Mask, a hat that gives ATK+14, DEF+3.

7 – Niche Dish Wish

FFBE Q7 Grandport

Check out the notice board down the stairs from quest 6 where the young boy is. You can get both dragon scales and elemental tears from Chamber of Creation – ADV. Completing it will give you a Coral Sword(ATK+33 with lightning element).

8 – It’s a Dog’s Death

FFBE Q8 Grandport

Speak to the young boy at the harbor port. The old man is located on the right side in the house located here:

FFBE Q8 Grandport 3 FFBE Q8 Grandport 2

You will then need to find 3 abdominal wings from Poison Eagles in Lanzelt Highlands Exploration. Completing this will net you a Vaccine.

9 – Operation Desert Treasure

FFBE Q9 Grandport

Examine the warehouse and you will get a request to “Go beyond the scorching sands. Find the stone beside the white visage of death”. Proceed to Zadehl Westersand Exploration and go to the area right before the boss:

FFBE Q9 Grandport 2

Upon completion, you will get an Earth Key 20(Charm Bangle). Go to the vault in Royal Capital Grandshelt to exchange it.

10 – Ninja Challenge

FFBE Q10 Grandport

Go to the bottom left corner and talk to this guy. He will want you to defeat 8 hiveguards, which can be found in Lanzelt Lowlands. Complete this for a recipe for Ninja Gear(ATK+4, DEF+20 with light element).

11 – Pillow of Your Dreams

For this quest to activate, you need to already have cleared Lanzelt Highlands dungeon. Speak to the sailor here:

FFBE Q11 Grandport

Then, go to Lanzelt Highlands Exploration to this location:

FFBE Q10 Grandport 2

Then, you need to go to Village of Kol and speak to the lady right in front at the inn to get a recipe for Sleep Dagger(ATK+22 with 30% sleep chance).