Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Royal Capital Grandshelt Quest [Treasure Box/Chests Location]

Royal Capital Grandshelt

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Royal Capital Granshelt is the second town you have access to. It is a lot bigger than Town of Mitra and there is plenty to do in this city. If you don’t have access to a guide, it can take a while to finish all the quests and also get all the goodies here.


The capital of Grandshelt, this burgeoning metropolis is a testament to power and technological prowess of this mighty kingdom. With a widening gap between the rich and the poor, some parts of town have fallen into disrepair, but a well-trained guard sees to it that the streets remain safe.

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Quest Guide

FFBE Royal Capital Grandshelt Quest Map

It is recommended that you do the quests as soon as you have access to Royal Capital Grandshelt. You will unlock access the vault(ability to use Earth Keys for treasures) and also gain goodies along the way. To quickly access certain areas of the map, use the Town Menu option to teleport around town like a boss.

Location Quest Name Reward
1 Memoirs of Mother Vault access
2 Hunt for the Model Airship Recipe for Bronze Knuckles
3 Cooperative Collection Recipe for Water
4 Missing Person Unicorn Horn
5 Road to the Colosseum Bandana
6 A Boy and His Slime Phoenix Down
7 Prowling the Ruins Jeweled Ring
8 Of Letters Lost Recipe for Bard's Tunic
9 A Song of Love Harp
10 A Fresh Idea Recipe for Power Wrist
11 For Members Only Altair
12 Which Way Did He Go? Recipe for Smoke Bomb

1 – Memoirs of Mother

Objective: Deliver the memento pendant

FFBE Q1 - Memories of Mother 2 FFBE T9 Royal Capital Grandshelt

You can find the pendant at the top right corner north of the city. You have to speak to the 2 kids triggered at location 1 for the quest. It is a shiny sparkling object right by the treasure chest. Go back to the boy and hand over the pendant to him to have access to the vault. This will allow you to use the Earth Keys you found in explorations and cities to get some goodies.

2 – Hunt for the Model Airship

Objective 1: Hand over the model airship. You have to talk to a guy in Fulan Pass Exploration.

Objective 2: Find the missing person. You have to talk to a guy in Grandshelt Catacombs Exploration.

3 – Cooperative Collection

Objective: Deliver 10 water cryst.

FFBE Q3 - Cooperative Collection

Speak to the young boy on the west side of the capital. You can find water cryst in all exploration maps by collecting yellow sparkles or request water cryst gift from friends. Doing this nets you a recipe for Water.

4 – Missing Person

Objective: Gather news on the missing person.

FFBE Q4 - Missing Person 1 FFBE Q3 - Missing Person

You will have to speak to the people in the following order:

  1. This is a soldier that is right above the kid who gives you the recipe for water.
  2. Speak to the elderly lady in red by the weapon shop.
  3. Speak to the young boy behind the accessory shop.
  4. Speak to the guy southeast of the item shop.

Completing this gives you a Unicorn Horn.

5 – Road to the Colosseum

Objective: Defeat 3 hill gigas.

FFBE Q5 - Road to Colosseum

The hill gigas can be found in Grandshelt Castle first and second floor. You will get a bandana for your efforts.

6 – A Boy and His Slime

Objective: Hand over green slime doll.

FFBE Q6 - A Boy and His Slime FFBE T19 Royal Capital Grandshelt

Green slime doll can be found southeast of the city. Check location 19 of the item location map.

7 – Prowling the Ruins

Requirement: Clear Lanzelt Ruins/Dungeon

Objective: Defeat the monster in the ruins.

FFBE Q7 - Prowling the Ruins FFBE Q7 - Prowling the Ruins Boss

The monster can be found in Lanzelt Ruins Exploration. Your prize is a Jewel Ring.

8 – Of Letters Lost

Objective: Hand over old letter.

FFBE Q8 - Of Letters Lost

The letter can be found in Dalnakya Cavern Exploration. You will get a Bard’s Tunic.

9 – A Song of Love

Requirement: Clear Of Letters Lost quest

Reward: Harp

Objective 1: Complete the love song

Pick the following answers:

  1. Top answer.
  2. Bottom answer.
  3. Bottom answer.

Objective 2: Deliver the song to the bard

FFBE Q9 - A Song of Love

The bard is located at quest 8 on the map.

10 – A Fresh Idea

Reward: Recipe for Power Wrist

Objective: Defeat 5 sergeants.

FFBE Q10 - A Fresh Idea

Speak to the guy in the white shirt inside the accessory shop. Sergeant can be found in Grandshelt Castle Dungeon, either second floor or throne room. You can also do the Hill Gigas quest together with this one.

11 – For Members Only

Requirement: Clear A Fresh Idea quest

Reward: Altair

Objective 1: Defeat 1 zu

Zu can be found in Dalnakya Plains East Gates as the dungeon boss.

Objective 2: Deliver 5 thickened hides

Thickened Hide can be dropped by beast monsters, like Nutkin in Latius Woods/Dungeon.

12 – Which Way Did He Go?

Reward: Recipe for Smoke Bomb

Objective: Find the man hiding in town.

FFBE Q12 - Which Way Did He Go 1 FFBE Q12 - Which Way Did He Go FFBE Q12 - Which Way Did He Go 2

This guy is hiding near the west gate.

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