Shera Review [Final Fantasy Brave Exvius]

Shera Review [Final Fantasy Brave Exvius]


Max Rarity Skills Future Proof Stats Equipment Trust Master Overall
5 A A A C B A-
Rarity Job Origin Gender Family
3★ – 5★ Crown Prince  FFBE Male Human

Trust Master Rewards – Successor: Special Ability(Passive) – Increase HP/ATK (15%)
Increase fire resistance (20%)

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Town of MitraRoyal Capital GrandsheltPort City LodinOrdol Port
Port City LydiraVillage of KolGrandportVillage of Marlo
Ghost Port KolobosFelicitas TownIndustrial City DilmagiaVillage of Ambel
Town of KoltsAquapolis OlderionTown of AmoreRaven's Hideaway
Earth Shrine ExpLatius Woods ExpDalnakya Cavern ExpGrandshelt Catacombs Exp
Fulan Pass ExpPhantom Forest ExpZadehl Westersand ExpLanzelt Highlands Exp
Wolfsfang Peak ExpLanzelt Mountains ExpKolobos Marsh ExpGolzas Canyon Exp
Kolobos Reef ExpShrine of Decay ExpMaranda Coast ExpDwarves' Forge Exp
Windy Heights West ExpMobreeze Airship Factory ExpJunkyard ExpWind Shrine Exp
Mystic WoodsAquatic CoverLake DorrGhost Ship Exp
Water Shrine ExpAbandoned Orphanage ExpTimber Tracks Exp
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3★ 4★ 5★

General Thoughts

Shera is a 5 star character with decent stats and an acceptable Trust Master. he is a Physical Damage and Support character giving him some good coverage on both ends.

i always say any character that can deal damage and protect itself at the same time is something to be praised and Shera is no different. He doesn’t have any healing abilities but the self buffs increase his stats enough to make him worth the trouble.

Entrust and Cheer are great party buffs. One boosting an allies LB gauge and the other increasing attack and defense by 40% for 3 turns. As for his self buffs they’re the typical stat increases plus Blade Adept giving an extra 30% on attack if he’s using a sword.

All of his attack skills are physical as well with no surprise. He has some coverage with fire damage offering some extra damage to the attacks.

His final skill is Sieg Zoldaad which deals fire physical damage to all enemies and increases the parties fire resistance for 3 turns. So some of his skills can be situational when it comes to his buffs but it doesn’t take him out of the running by any means.

Now his limit burst Kaiser Ziel is actually pretty good. Not only does it deal fire physical damage but it has an up to 50% chance to paralyze the target.

I’d have to say that Shera’s down side comes in with his equipment and the number of his abilities. I feel like he could have been given a few more skills to really push him over the edge into top tier usefulness.

And his equipment is just limiting. Only 2 weapons really takes away from his coverage which he doesn’t have that much of to begin with.

Verdict: Not a bad pull if you’re looking for a Physical/Support character. There are better ones such as Chizuru or Lightning, but they are 6 stars…


Rarity HP MP ATK DEF MAG SPR Attack Hits Drop Check Exp. Growth Pattern
3★ 1503 66 61 56 52 51 2 3 4
4★ 1955 86 80 73 68 67 2 4 4
5★ 2542 112 105 96 89 88 2 5 4

Maximum Stats Increase

3★ 180 30 12 12 12 12
4★ 240 40 16 16 16 16
5★ 300 50 20 20 20 20


Shera is neutral to all elements and status ailments.

Learned Abilities

Min rarity Level Icon Name Effect Hits MP
3★ 1 Barrage Four physical damage (3.2x) to random enemies D 16
3★ 1 Entrust Use own LB gauge to fill ally’s gauge 18
3★ 15 Streiten Physical damage (1.8x) to one enemy D 15
4★ 30 Neue Morgen Fire physical damage (1.5x) to one enemy
Increase fire resistance (30%) for 3 turns to caster
1 9
4★ 45 Bladeblitz Physical damage (1.4x) to all enemies D 14
5★ 73 Cheer Increase ATK/DEF (40%) for 3 turns to all allies 48
5★ 80 Sieg Zoldaad Fire physical damage (1.9x) to all enemies
Increase fire resistance (40%) for 3 turns to all allies
1 20
Min rarity Level Icon Name Effect
3★ 38 Demon Killer Increase physical damage against demons (50%)
4★ 22 ATK +10% Increase ATK (10%)
4★ 60 Blade Adept Increase ATK (30%) when equipped with a sword
5★ 52 DEF +10% Increase DEF (10%)
5★ 52 SPR +10% Increase SPR (10%)

Limit Burst

Rarity Name Effect Hits Cost
3★ Kaiser Ziel Base: Fire physical damage (2.3x) and paralyze (20%) to one enemy
Max: Fire physical damage (2.75x) and paralyze (29%) to one enemy
5 10
4★ Kaiser Ziel Base: Fire physical damage (2.5x) and paralyze (30%) to one enemy
Max: Fire physical damage (3.2x) and paralyze (44%) to one enemy
7 12
5★ Kaiser Ziel Base: Fire physical damage (2.7x) and paralyze (40%) to one enemy
Max: Fire physical damage (3.65x) and paralyze (59%) to one enemy
10 14


Shera can equip 2 weapons and 5 armors

Weapons Armors
Rarity Ability Slots Affinity
3★ 2
4★ 3
5★ 4


Rarity Material 1 Material 2 Material 3 Material 4 Material 5
4★ Allure Powder (25) Esper Cryst (15) Quality Parts (10) Deepsea Bloom (5) Sacred Crystal (5)
5★ Quality Parts (20) Deepsea Bloom (10) Sacred Crystal (10) Dragon Heart (5) Holy Crystal (5)


The first prince of the Zoldaad Empire, and the young man next in line for the imperial throne. Shera is a kind soul with sound judgment who has his doubts about the current militaristic aspirations of the empire. Unfortunately, his quiet personality and high regard for his subjects’ well being are regarded as nothing more than weakness in the eyes of the dictatorial emperor and his militant officials.


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